• I found myself thinking about Titan all throughout the day. It was weird. Normally, I would just forget about a person, but now....."Yo! Darkness!" Ikuto called in my ear, tearing me away from my thoughts. I looked at him and rubbed my eyes "Sorry, What did you say?" I asked him. He eyed me for a second then said "Hime woke up. The nurse said she-" I wavered back into my thoughts "So, Titan is a royal werewolf? He can live as long as me and other vampires or half vampires. So that means he's a immortal wolf-" I was once kicked out of my thoughts by Ikuto. "Hey! Darkness!" he yelled in my ear. "I SAID HIME IS AWAKE AND IS ABLE TO TALK TO YOU NOW!!!!!!!!!" His voice was so loud, I couldn't hear a thing for a couple seconds. "Okay, okay." I said rubbing my head. I went over to Hime and Sakura's tent and sat down in front of them. "Hime, tell me what happened to you." I said. She nodded "It's all a little fuzzy, but I remember going out into the woods to collect rabbits and other small animals for blood. Then, I heard a twig snap behind me. When I turned I saw a human with a gun. I could tell he was human becouse he had the aura and look of one. 'Don't move, or I'll shoot! This gun is packed with wooden bullets!'. I thought the wooden bullet part was stupid becouse wood isn't fatal to vampires, it's just a superstition that we let people believe, but I stood still anyway. 'Who is your leader?' he asked. 'I won't tell you' I told him. Then he threatened me that if I didn't tell him who you were, he would shoot. I still didn't tell, and he fired. After that Nala (the blond haired nurse) found me and brought me back to camp. That's all" she explained. I nodded my head "Thank you, Hime." I said "Get well soon" and I left. I looked up at the sky, and the sun was rising. I rant to the top of the hill where my tent was and looked over the camp, making sure that everyone was going into their tents. When everyone was in their tents I went into mine ( after putting up a barrier that kept out humans and werewolves by singing the song Passion by Utada Hikaru). Before I closed my eyes I thought "So, the humans are looking for me" then I dozed off. I woke up around noon to a golden-eyed, white-haired, white wolf ears and tail, Titan.


    She left me next to the stream, wondering what she meant by 'one of your kind'. "She couldn't have meant werewolf. Royalty? No, that doesn't sound right. I found myself thinking about her, wanting to see her. But, the sun was going down and soon she would be surounded by vampires. I couldn't talk to her like that! Besides, I have to go to sleep now!" I thought to myself and made my bed behind the bush and went to sleep. I woke up around 11:00 am and wandered over to Darkness's tent. I noticed a barrier, but that only kept out humans and normal werewolves. I was a royal, immortal werewolf. "Bet whoever put this up didn't expect that" I thought. I entered her tent and sat down next to her sleeping body. "She's cute when she sleeps" I thought. "Wait, what?" I asked myself "What did I just say, or think?" Then her shoulder moved a little and some of her long dark hair fell over her eyes. I could the blood rushing to my face. "What's wrong with me?" I asked myself. I thought back to when I was teacheing her how to skid rocks on water. When I touched her hand, I felt electricity go all throughout my body. I saw in her eyes she felt it too. The electricity didn't hurt, it felt...it felt...unexplainable. It was more so a good feeling than a bad one. Darkness moved again and her eyes fluttered open. "Cute." I thought "Wait, stop thinking that!" I yelled at myself in my mind.

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