• The spot we arrived at for the wedding had a gorgeous view overlooking rolling, green hills. The couple was very typical of what it was like for wedding pictures. All smiles, and happy as can be. We introduced ourselves to the couple, and began to take pictures. I was more like sitting in the background handing Alastair whatever he wanted seeing as I was a bit of a newbie in his shop I didn't have any other choice.

    It was quite peaceful during the evening and as time went by I didn't notice that Alastair had already gotten everything oacked up and ready to go for us to leave.

    "Mae?" I heard him question me as I just sat there in thought. "It's time to go," I looked up to see everything was already packed up and in the car ready to go. The car was already parked and running waiting for us on the edge of the road.

    I looked up at him. "You didn't have to pack everything by yourself!" I exclaimed a bit confused why he didn't want me helping. "I could of helped. I'm new here I should help you," I told Alastair standing up, and heading to the car with him.

    "Well sorry it's just some of the stuff is kind of heavy, and I didn't want you hurting yourself. I was only thinking of what's good for you Mae," I stopped and starred at him for a second thinking about what he said.

    He was only thinking what's good for me? it hought over what he said. Maybe he's not as bossy as he seems with Matt. I thought again when I remembered Matt.

    "Okay you make a good point. So......?" I said not being able to think about what I should say. "How long have you known Matt for? You two seem like you get along quite well?" I questioned thinking it was just a bit personal.

    "Oh we're childhood friends is all," He said blantantl, while opening my car door like the gentleman he was.

    (This is all I have for now, my computers down and I'm typing this up at the library so I can't type the whole thing seeing as I'll have to leave, and I have writer's block at the moment also!)