• Chapter One-The Beginning

    He lay close to me, arms tightly around my waist. The room had a dim light coming though the large balcony drapes. It was silent...Nathan's hand slid up and down my thigh as I buried my head into his navy blue shirt.
    He sighed, and then stopped rubbing my thigh. I looked up at him; his eyes were lost in thought. “Nathan, what's the matter? You seem lost." He looked at me and smiled. "There's nothing wrong just thinking about how you ..." He paused then began again, "that you’re 106 year old and yet you're in your 18 year old form."
    I buried my head back in his shirt." Do you have a problem with that?" I looked back at him up at him waiting for an answer.
    "I don't have a problem, just amazed." I got from his grip and sat up on the bed.
    "Amazed, at what?" I looked at him puzzled. He closed his eyes.
    "That you're still a virgin!" His answer hit me. I got off the bed and headed to the door."I was playing around, Jade. I didn't mean it, you now I was joking." I turned around to see him in front of me."I sorry if I offended you." his voice was calm. I hugged him and tried to reach for his face. But his arms snaked around my waist, pulling me closer. His warm lips touched mine; he started to walk backwards heading towards the bed. He stopped and laid me down, staring into my eyes."You know you will be loosing something." He chuckled before getting one of his hands free from under me.
    "I know...once I don't have to hear you make fun of that again." He smiled and pressed his lips against mine, he managed to get my mouth opened before, and I felt his tongue slid in. His hand was in my hair, lips moving softly, but seriously. There wasn't enough time to stop him. I could barely breathe. My hands were grabbing his shoulder, pulling him closer and closer me. Our mouths glued together. My mind was a blur, I could not think straight. Nathan's hand gently moved out of my hair and down my leg and up. My heart was beating fast. Finally my head was clear now. "NO STOP!" I screamed in my head.
    I shock my head, and then he released me. "What's the matter? Jade." His lips moving up and down my neck. His warm breath was brushing against my collarbone.
    "We need to stop. My parents will be home any minute now." I was trying to maintain my breathing. I looked in his eyes, when he lifted his head. His dark blue orb staring right back. I looked away.
    "Your parents are not coming home for the next hour... so relax!" His arm got tighter around me, his hand started to trace my side. Working its way to my knee, he pulled my leg up and whispered in my ear. "Your wish is my command!"
    He kissed me once. I reached for his shirt buttons; I opened every one of them. My fingertips touching the skin on his chest. He stopped again and stood up. Nathan took my hand and pulled me closed to him. "It's my turn now." I smiled at him.
    I ran my finger down his chest, to his belt buckle. His arms were firmly around my waist. "For a shape shifter you're cute!" He chuckled once again. Before I could kiss him, I heard my father's voice.
    “I told you they will be here any minute." I said trying to get loose from his grip. "Nathan...let...go...of me...I need to get you out of here." He started to tickle me. Finally he let go.
    "Jade?" He asked buttoning his shirt. I ignored him and opened the balcony drapes and door. “What are you doing?" He asked.
    “We need to trick them, into thinking that we were 'studying'." I grabbed his hand and pulled him to the edge of the balcony, where there was a small table. On it had a math, geography and English textbook, Nathan picked up the geography book, turning to any page and then he began reading it. Then my father walked in. "Jade, how's your studying going?"
    "Fine, we actually got through one hour without killing each other." I looked over at Nathan, who was trying so hard no to laugh.
    "Alright just keep the studying up to 60 minutes. Remember we have to leave to France." He left and when Nathan heard the door slam, he burst into laughter almost falling over.
    "What are you laughing about?" All of a sudden I was pissed.
    "What with the attitude?" He put the book down and stood next to me.
    "I hate going to France, they always do this to me."
    "Always do what?" He moved closer.
    "They try to find a good suitor to take the family business. But all I know their minds are around the money. I want to find someone that loves me, not because of the money I possess."
    "Well you have me!" Nathan tried to make me laugh.
    "Nathan, you know if my father finds out about us, you know what will happen."
    "No...What will happen?"
    "He will separate us and it would kill me." I looked over the banister and saw my mother driving away in her car. "Plus I want to find a good human husband for a reason."
    "What reason will that be?" He asked confused.
    "Well I want to fall in love first, get married, and tell him what I am. Then turn him into a shape shifter." I stared at the sky for a long time before looking back at him.
    "How can you turn a human into a shape shifter, but no one will separate us. Believe me, maybe you should ask your father if I can come with you to France." He smiled and scratched his neck.
    "I will tell you when the time comes." I smiled at him.
    "No one will separate us, believe me. Maybe, you can ask your father if I can go with you."
    I laughed to myself, "Why... because you want to come?" I stood by the balcony door.
    "Not, only because of that. You might hurt someone." His arms were folded across his chest.
    "I won't hurt anyone, you know I get made easily I'll ask, wait don't you have to go home?"
    "Yeah, just go ask and stop playing around."He pushed me, back into the room and out the bedroom door.

    Chapter 2: France

    I came back 5 minutes later. Nathan was busy throwing paper balls in the trash bin. He looked up at me.
    "So? What happened?"He asked, curiously.
    "He said yes but you have to pack in 50 minutes." I looked at my watch.
    "How am I going to pack in under 50 damn minutes, my car is slow." He was already panicking.
    "Why don't you take my green Lamborghini, I need someone to test drive it. Are you willing to take it for a spin?" I threw him the keys.
    "I never knew you had one, but thank you." He kissed me on the cheek and zoomed out of the room. I smiled to myself and began packing. By the time I was done, Nathan was back.
    He was smiling and throwing the car keys in his hand. "Who bought you that car? I want it!"
    I shock my head and grabbed the keys out his hand."I'll think about it...maybe in about 2 years you can have it." I could see he was already throwing a fit."...but I'll let you drive as long as you want."
    "JADE, TIME TO GO YOU WANT TO MISS YOU PLANE!" My father called from downstairs.
    "I can deal with that. But I want to know your life." He took my bag from me and walked out o the room, down the stairs.
    "I was born, raised in this same house, but my life was hell." I said very low when my father past by me.
    "You don't like to talk about it do you, do you?" I nodded yes and climbed in to the limo. We were in the plane now and Nathan was talking to his friends on his cell, when I drifted to sleep.
    "Jade? Jade?" A voice called out.
    I looked behind me...nobody! I walked around, until I saw a dark figure standing there. I walked over and the figure turned around. He or she wore a long black cloak and a white mask. It started to walk up towards me. "Who are you?" I back away.
    Who ever it was, took off their mask and there stood Nathan! His eyes glowed as he showed his fangs. He had vampire!
    "Did you miss me Jade? I really missed you." He grabbed me. That when I woke up.
    "Jade are you alright? You seemed scared." Nathan said his arm around my shoulder.
    "I'm fine; my past had come to haunt me in my sleep. I'll try to relax." I took a deep breath and laid my head on his shoulder.
    When the plane landed, my mother said that my old friend Mike was going to pick us up.
    "Who is Mike?" Nathan asked.
    "One of my very old friends, he can get annoying at some point. But..." Before I could finish...
    "HEY JADE! LONG TIME NO SEE AND WHO'S YOUR BOYFRIEND?" Mike jumped behind me, almost giving me a heart attack.
    "Mike don't do that! Can't you bug my parents?" I punched him then hugged him.
    "Who's your friend? Or should I say boyfriend? Wait, are you cheating on me?" Nathan looked at me.
    "Mike, this is Nathan, my boyfriend in secret. And since when were we dating?"
    "I don't know I was hoping you would know!" He gave a smile I hadn't seen in years. "Ummm... let's not stand here all day, I'm getting hungry."
    When we got to the house, Mike tortured my parents with questions. I on the other hand was in the guest room with Nathan. "So how long have you known Mike?" He was behind me, his arms around my waist as I unpacked my bags.
    "I've known him since I was about 2 months old."
    "But if your 2 months old how do you become friends?" He laughed in my ear softly.
    "We were in each others company then as we got older we became good friends. Honey, use your brain." I kissed on the cheek when I got from his grip. I faced him and looked into his eyes. They showed sadness, pain, lose and even betrayal. "Nathan, have you ever been heartbroken before?"
    He looked at me weirdly, "Jade, why are you asking me that?"
    "I'm asking you that because I can see four character traits in your eyes. I need to know if you are still in love with the girl before." I stared at the ground. He sat on the bed and took a deep breath.
    "Jade, I love you enough to tell you I don't have any feelings for another girl. Anyway I never had any other relationship before you. Remember that." He pulled me into his arms and gave me a long kiss. "I love you more than my own life." He gave me a tight hug, then got up and left the room. But something still made me worry he's hiding something.

    Chapter 3 The face of a Liar

    It's been a 2 week and my parents have been out every single day looking for a good suitor for me. Which they're never going to find (I laugh). Anyway it gives me time to spend with Nathan, which is kind of strange. Why? Well he never eats when everybody eats, he late out at night, he stays sometimes away from me. So I started watching his every move. All I got was when he walked, he moved like a ghost, his style in clothes changed and his body gave off a sweet smell that reminded me of my past vampire Nathan. Even when we walked near a market shops he would stop dead in his tracks and ask to go back home. The bad thing was he started catching onto what I was doing.
    "Jade, why are you staring at me like that?" He asked, when I followed him with my eyes.
    "Staring at you like what?" I said, looking like nothing happened. He gave me one of his I'm-Not-Buying-This looks. "You're not buying this are you." He shook his head no.
    "Tell me why are you staring at me like that?" He got real closer to my face and stared into my eyes. I tried to look down, but his finger was under my chin.
    "Nathan you have changed and..." He cut me off.
    "How have I changed?" He got even closer.
    "What I mean about changes...is that you act like a...Vampire!" He looked at me with disbelief, and then sighed.
    "What do you mean a vampire?" He was now getting offensive about the thing I said. "What are these changes?"
    "Well to start is that you never eat when everybody eats, you're late out at night and you never go near me sometimes. You move like a ghost, you don't walk near the stores or go in one and don't tell me you changed your cologne. Remember I have a very keen sense of smell. Not only that you are pale as a ghost." He moved away from my face when I gave him the list.
    "Jade? What is with you? Do you even now the characteristics of a vampire?" He asked walking to the window.
    "Yes, I do. I was engaged to one about 86 years ago. But he killed my entire pack and left only Mike, me and 4 others somewhere. But I doubt whether they're alive." I look up to see Nathan dead in his tracks; I could feel his anger levels rising. He turned, looked at me then left the room. I was really sure this time he was actually hiding something from me.
    "Jade? Where are you?" My mother called from the front door. I went to her; she had Nathan and Mike next to her. "Honey can you, Mike and Nathan go out for a little while. I need to help Mike's mother with the party plans and decorations." I nodded and left with the two.
    "You could at least tell me you were having a party!" I said slapping Mike on his shoulder softy.
    He just laughed. "I didn't know till Nathan said we were. He's the one who asked my mom!"
    I looked over at Nathan's direction. He was lost in his thoughts and I wanted to know what he was thinking. Why would he suggest a party? And I know he hates parties, only vampire Nathan loved them? I was left with my theory that he is a vampire!
    9:45 pm
    It was time for the party and everyone was having a great time. Mike as usual flirted with all the girls and my parents finally gave up trying to find a husband for me. But Nathan stayed braced up against a wall pillar staring at me, I just stared back. I was about to tell him to come, when 3 guys came over to act me to dance with them.
    "Come and dance with one of us." one said holding my hand. But before he could move me, thank god Nathan came and took me away.
    "You need to learn to say no!" He was scolding me in a calm and cool voice. "You are too easy to get around with."
    "Why are you still mad at me?" I asked.
    "No, are you going to hate me if I show you something heartbreaking?" He seemed unsure and a little worried.
    "It depends on what it is." I pointed out. All he did was nod and then dragged me outside. Mike was there. But why? "Nathan what's going on?" He turned around and his eyes were blood red and his fangs showed when he smiled. He looked up into the moon lit sky.
    "From here on it's our time...The night of the vampires..." His eyes glowed. "The famous beings that hide in the darkness..." The moon hid behind the clouds. "Their existence is the secret we protect." He looked back at me. "Don't you agree?"
    I couldn't move, nor speak. Why has he come back? What does he want? My heart was beating fast. He walked towards me.
    "Don't be scared...I won't hurt you." He smiled.
    "Stay away from me, you're liar!" I finally got my voice. "How can you keep this away from me? And you dragged Mike into this?" Before either of them spoke I disappeared inside. I did want to his face, even if I was in love with him.

    Chapter 4- His Reason

    I stayed in my room the whole time the party went on. I didn't want to see his face, that liar and heart breaker! My parents tried everything to get me out, but I refused. "Jade, dear please come out? For your father's sake. Please?" My mother said coming again and again.
    Finally I came out, when everyone was asleep. I assumed Nathan was in his room. I walked downstairs and into the living room, when something hit me against the wall. A pair of red eyes stared at me. "Glad to see you." He said turning on one of the lamps in the room. Then he realized me.
    "What do you want?" I glared at him. He just smiled and sat in the chair, as I stood two feet from him.
    "You are mad at me? Well I didn't want to keep this secret from you.'' He folded his hands across his chest. ''I...'' I cut him off.
    ''Nathan, you are a conceited person and you knew my feelings. I hate you so much! Falling in love with you was my biggest mistake in my life!" He stared at me and laughed.
    "If it was the biggest mistake, why do you go out with a guy looking exactly the same way as me?" He asked coming closer and closer to me.
    I couldn't say anything, he was right! Why did I fall for the same guy that looked like him? Did my regret for loving him years ago...never exist? Did I actually make that mistake again?
    "Jade, answer my question." He said in a playful voice. His tongue traced the bottom of my lower lip. "Are you still in love with me after all those years, you so called hated me?" His right hand traced my side. I was about to lose my mind.
    "I...I don't know, why?" I said trying to collect back my thoughts.
    "Why, what?" He chuckled, bracing his lips against mine. I remembered when he did this...the first time we met. The first time I fell head over heels for him. That same first day I thought my life would change if he was in it. My heart raced, which only made him laugh under his breath.
    "I...really...don't...know?" I tried to control myself; I didn't know how long I could keep this up. My heart just raced like it was about to burst out of my chest. His lips traced mine, while his hand crossed over my stomach and waist. A shiver went down my spine.
    "Ask your heart. Ask it if it loves me or ask yourself that question." He said in my ear, and then looked into my eyes.
    How can I answer any of his questions? He was getting inside my head, trying to get some answer out. "I can't answer you...I can't."
    He put both of his hands on my face and smiled, "Do you still love me? Answer that?"
    For some reason I felt tears coming, my vision foggy, "I still love you...after all these years. Why do you keep torturing me?"
    I heard his laughing stop and his hands dropping to his side. He sighed and took me in his arms. "I am sorry, Jade." His voice was soft and calm.
    "If you are sorry why do you keep doing this to me? Why did you kill my pack? Why did you come back?" I said pulling away from him.
    He looked at me for a long second and started laughing. I looked at him, wasn't this the same damn guy who just had me in his arm?
    "I did it because I wanted to kill them; I wanted no one to ruin our relationship. Your father was the main reason, he didn't want me around you because I was a vampire and you were a shape shifter. So that same night I took you home, I heard your father yelling at you about dating me and that's when rage filled me up. Your father needed to get out of the way. So what I did was I called a couple of my hungry friends and let them roam free. I took care of your father, personally." He gave a wicked and twisted smile.
    I fell in love with a monster. He was never like this. I pushed him away, but he only went about 4 inches back. "So, what ever happened to the survivors?" I moved to the other side of the room. "What ever happened to the sweet and loving Nathan that was human?"
    "He was just an act? I wanted to see if you still loved me and you do. Years ago when we were wrong for each other, I protected you from my kind and you did the same. Then I realized I was getting tired of you protecting me and it was time to get rid of the problem." He sat in the chair near him and held out both of his hands, telling me to sit next to him.
    I shock my head and he nodded, "Jade, if I did tell my friends to spare you, I would have let them kill you." He sighed
    "You don't care about me at all!" I yelled and dashed for the stairs when he grabbed me.
    "I never said I didn't care about you, that day we came here you asked me if I ever loved someone more than you and what I said was true." He hissed in my ear.
    "If you cared, you wouldn't be doing these things to me! If you truly loved me, leave me alone and never come near me. I love you to death but I can turn that love to hate. It took me about 86 years to forget you but that never worked. Looks like I will have to torture myself to forget you." I smacked his hand away and ran upstairs, leaving him behind.