• John went back home that evening.Daddy!!,his 6-years old son Matt yelled.John smiled weakly at his son and glanced at his wife,Elle who looked backed at him with hurt in her eyes.She knew what's up.Elle then motioned for Matt to go to his room.Matt who was still smiling,nodded his head and and went upstairs.John and Elle stared at each other's eye.John can't even open his mouth to say that he wanted a divorce.But Elle knew it in his eyes.Suddenly,Elle spoke up."Say it,if that's what you really want",she said with a hurted tone in her voice that sent a tear rolling down on her cheeks.John opened his mouth to speak,"I want a divorce,I'm really sorry and it's all my fault and no one else's".Elle then started to cry which what John expected her to do.John stared down at the woman who was now crying on his knees.When Elle suddenly looked up at him and said:"If that's what you want,then it's what you can have.But for the sake of our son,I want a month's notice before our divorce and I also want you to go out every evening and bring me and Matt to the most expensive restaurant you can find just until the end of the month",Elle tearfully said.This was agreeable to John although he thought the whole thing's very silly.

    The next day,John came home after a fun day with Sarah (the woman he lost his heart to) and eventually drove Elle and Matt to an expensive restaurant near their house.That evening they didn't speak with each other.They just ate their food and left but Matt didn't seem to notice all these.The next evening,the same thing happened and John's intimacy for Elle eventually grew.2 weeks just before the end of the month,they acted more comfortably to each other as if nothing was happening.Matt saw all these and was very happy,"I'm really happy that your my dad,thanks for loving mom and me so much!",Matt said.John then bit his lower lip.He suddenly had an urge to cancel the divorce.He drove them back to their house and went out again this time to talk to Sarah.He found Sarah upstairs and said:"I'm sorry Sarah,I wanna cancel the divorce".Sarah laughed loudly as she thought that John was making a joke.But then she finally came into sense and slapped John loudly and slammed the door closed.But after all that,John was actually relieved that he could go back home normally.But before that,he dropped by the flower shop to give Elle some flower.He then went back home cheerfully only to find his son in the room and his wife laying on the bed-dead.He suddenly burst into tears as he hugged his son.He now know that through all those weeks they've spent,Elle was actually saving him from any negative reaction from Matt.Thus,this is where our story ends.

    - THE END -