• Must…hurry… The sounds of angered shouting and yelling thundered the dark forest like
    an uncontrollable fire. ”Get the beast!” “Hurry before it gets away!” “Disgusting beast!” “Kill it!” I growled in hatred a I increased my speed. I was trying to save you people! I’m not the beast! Although when I rushed by the river, my reflection was a horrible sight. My dress was tattered and my face was smeared with dirt and blood while my hair was tangled and wild like Medusa’s snakes. I can’t believe this happened. We were so careful! What went wrong? Making a sharp turn, I reached onto the cliff that suspended over livid waters of the ocean. “There it is!” “Get it!!!” I turn around and trembled as the outraged crowd came into view around me. They were waving torches and other torturous items at me as someone threw a stone at me. “Someone stabbed it with the sword!” A familiar voice screeched loudly as the crowd roared in agreement. Ulric….help me.. I yelped in surprise when ropes flew and strapped me onto the ground. At first, I tried to fight my way free but then gave up with a sigh. Again and again, the endless cycle of recreated life takes me. I heard the steps of my executioner, looked up, and released a furious growl. You! I can’t believe you are doing this again! I trusted you! How dare you do this to me! I tried to n** at his ankle but was stopped when he stomped on my head. My vision blurred as blood raced down my face. I loved you and protected you yet this is how you repay me? I glared up at him with venomous hate but he was looking down at me with regret in his eyes. I’m sorry, my love. Please forgive me. I spat angrily at his feet. Never, you traitor! I hate you! He gave me another sad gaze while he pierced my heart with the silver sword. I love you, Luna. Everything around me went black.