• There once was a superhero far greater than any other superhero that ever walked the Earth. This superhero is still here, and forever will be, for this superhero is truly immortal. My hero was here when the earth began and He will be here forever more.

    Any superhero would do anything in their power to be like my hero. My hero can do anything and has all superpowers. He can see through objects; He can see through minds. He can read your thoughts. He can read your soul. He can save your soul. He can save people from death. He can perform miracles you'd never believe, unless it has happened to you.

    He has helped everyone who has ever needed helping. The people He has helped will be forever grateful, because most of them did not believe they deserved to be saved. And this is true.

    Nobody on Earth honestly deserves the saving grace of my hero. But my hero loves us all, as long as we love Him, too.

    The funny thing is, that we, in this day and age, find it very hard to love this superhero. You might ask: "Why is it hard to love someone who loves you more than anything? Who wants to save you from all the evils in this terrifying world? Who would give everything He has to save your life, and your life alone?"

    If you knew who this superhero was, you might know the answer to these questions. Before I tell you my hero's name, think about how much you would love for this superhero to be real. To be yours. The truth is, He is real. And He is just as much yours, as He is mine.

    If you ask Him His name, He might tell you, "I Am."

    I call Him God. He is my hero. He is my savior.

    Do you believe?