• One day, a young child was walking in its town.

    "How tiring this much walking is!" it said to itself. "If only I could do otherwise!"

    Soon, the child came along a frog.

    "Frog, do you walk?" the child asked.

    The frog replied, "No - with my strong legs, I hop from place to place."

    The child said to itself, "Perhaps I can try to hop like this frog." So it began to hop around the town, enjoying the unusual motion.

    However, the child soon realized that it was more tiring to hop than walk, and the child began to plainly stroll about the town again.

    Somehow, the child found its way into a park. Here, there was an insect, scurrying about.

    "Insect, do you walk?" the child asked.

    "No, I crawl and scurry about on my many legs to climb tall things," the insect replied.

    "How fun it must be to climb!" the child thought. So the child crawled.

    But, this child found that it could only crawl up and down tall objects; and, this crawling up and down did not take it anywhere. Although it was quite nice to see far away atop tall objects, the child truly wanted to go new places. The child got off its tired, dirtied hands and walked.

    The child, almost ready to give up, saw a bird in the sky.

    "Bird! I see that you do not walk," the child called out.

    The bird descended. "Of course not!" the bird replied. "I fly through the skies. I always see new places, but I do wish that I had somewhere like a home."

    The child did not hear the part about the home, too engulfed in the thought of seeing new places. "How I wish I could fly!" it said.

    The bird thought for some seconds. "Perhaps you can borrow my wings to try," it said. "I must rest anyway."

    "I'd love to!" the child said.

    With this, the bird let the child take its wings and taught the child to fly; it was a quick lesson, and soon after, the child flew off.

    The child was amazed. It could see the entire town! Soon, it flew away, flying above beautiful new places - forests, lakes, and new towns.

    It wasn't too long before the child realized... in the midst of the joy, it had no idea how to return! The lost child slowed down and cried.

    It was quite a while before the child found its town again, returning the wings to the bird, who bid its farewells and flew away.

    The child began to think.

    "To hop is too tiring; to crawl is too boring; to fly may make me lost. I suppose I should continue walking."

    With this decision, the child walked through the town, back to its home.