• Chapter 6: The Rivals you'll never forget!

    Ryu's Pikachu was defeated including Quilava and Riolu. Ryu went to Pikachu and picked it up. He began to cry from his defeat. Pikachu made a sad face. Red walked up Ryu. "Ryu, I just wanna say you're a great trainer." he said. Red Pikachu (Pika) walked up to Ryu. Ryu's Pikachu jumped out of his arms and landed in front of Pika. Both Pikachu and Pika shook hands. "Piikaachuu!" said Pika. "Pika!" said Pikachu. "I think what Pikachu and Pika are trying to say that you shouldn't feel sad when you loose." said Red. "Trust me. I learned that the hard way." Ryu wiped his tears and took out his hand. "Next time, I won't loose!" said Ryu. Red shook hands with Ryu. "Yeah! Not me either!" said Red. Red walked with his Pikachu down the road ahead of him. Ryu closed his eyes with an angry face. "Ryu..." said Rina. "Let's go guys!" said Ryu. "I have a journey to complete."

    Ryu, Pikachu, and Rina continue their journey. They walked into the next town. "According to the Poke-gear, this is Freon City." said Rina looking at the Poke-gear. "This town also has an Arena gym!" "What's that?" asked Ryu. "On five different regions, they call it Pokemon Gyms." answered Rina. "It's a place for trainers to challenge a Gym leader. A gym leader is a person who is much more different than other trainers, because they have a different class of training." "Once you defeat eight gym leaders, you have to go to the Pokemon League and defeat four elites called the elite four to become the Pokemon Champion." Rina continued. "Ours is more different, we have to go through traps, Pokemon trainers, and wild Pokemon." "What?!" said Ryu. "That doesn't make any damn sense!"

    Fifteen minutes later, Ryu and Pikachu walked in the gym. There was statue with a sign on it. Ryu read it. "Pokemon Arena Leader Tamaki. The bug-type master." said Ryu as he read the statue. "Certified Trainers: Red and Jason?!" Great! Not only that Red wins the Arena badge but Jason wins it too?! thought Ryu. Get a hold of yourself Ryu! You can do this! You'll win this badge! Ryu and Pikachu went into the forest full of trainers, traps, and wild Pokemon. Will he make it to the Arena Leader? Tune in for the next Chapter on Friday!

    End of Chapter 6