• Prologue

    "How can they be living in the same house hold, Aion?" The warm wind carried a whisper through the cool spring air.

    "Mother, we didn't intend for them to be living together. It was an accident. As long as Jackle doesn't know who either of them are, everything will be okay." Aion knelt before a large tree. "If anything does go wrong, Elena will protect Silk." His green eyes looking up at the large trunk with life flowing throw it.

    "Yes, but Roguen will be protecting Jackle." A leaf landed on Aion's shoulder. "I trust you, my son. I would not have allowed myself to be reincarnated if I didn't. If anything does go wrong, I also will protect Silk."

    "Thank you, Mother," Aion whispered to the leaf. The wind picked up again, lifting the leaf into the air and carrying it off.

    "May Aphrodite protect the princess," The voice flew away with the leaf.

    Aion nodded his head, then stood to his feet. The two men behind him knelt before him as he walked passed them.

    Chapter One
    "Mom, why are we moving here?" I looked out the window in distaste. The houses on this street all had peeling paint.
    "I told you, Silk, we have to put down new roots." My mom turned back to look at me, then my brother. "Jackle, sweetie, do you feel the same?"
    "I don't care," Jackle's voice seemed annoyed as he spoke. His right arm rubbing his left one out of instinct.
    Glancing at my dad, I noticed his jaw was clenched and his fingers turned white from holding the steering wheel too hard. I've never seen him so uptight before.He looked at me through the rear-view mirror, his eyes softening. As his eyes met mine, I instinctively grabbed my right arm as if it burned looking at my father tortured me. It's been happening a lot lately.
    The car pulled up to a curb, stopping. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a three story white house with black trim. The windows were boarded up along with the door. Great, we live in the Hood. I turned my attention to the yard. Flowers of different assortments were spread through the front while the back was filled with what looked like a forest. The Hood and Jungle to Jungle in one mix. This will be just great. I sank down in my seat as my parents got out.
    "Silk, come help us." My father called from the trunk.
    "Why should I? We'll only end up moving again. We might as well just leave our stuff in the trunk." Glancing over, I noticed Jackle staring at me with his fierce blue eyes. I stared back at him, only to notice something running through his eyes. Quickly, I looked away. It must have been a reflection of the light.
    I reluctantly opened the car door and crawled out. As soon as I did, my dad handed me three bags to carry. I'm gonna hate it here.
    For a few minutes, I watched as my mom and dad tried to pry the boards off the door, only to rip them in half.
    Afterward, I walked in and looked at the red carpet that covered the stairs like royals used to walk down for every occasion.
    "Silk, your room is upstairs to the right. Jackle, yours is to the left." My mother pointed to the stairs. "Go decorate your rooms and let us decorate down here."
    That's new. Usually they make us decorate with them. What's changed? I walked up the stairs, surprised at how clean the carpet was. It must have been here for years. My hand slid along the smooth wooden railing as I made my way up the stairs. This place feels almost familiar.I reached the top of the stairs, walking over to right of the hallway. Strange, there are no other doors besides the bedroom on this hallway. I turned the doorknob to my room, opening it up to an empty white room with a queen sized bed. Entering the room further, I looked out of the window to see the forest.
    "Come to us, Princess." Looking in the window at my reflection, I saw a lady with sky blue eyes and flowing gold hair. Her smile made me feel comfortable, but her presence made my heart race.
    I turned around quickly to see nothing but a single leaf in my room. "That's odd, the window's closed. How can a leaf get into my room?" It must have been the old owners.
    Glancing out of the window again, I expected to see the lady standing there, but she was gone. I must be seeing things.