• “Ryder…I’m sorry,” A sob broke out but I held back tears. His eyes softened when he seem it was me.


    I walked further in feeling horrible for acting the way I had to him. I wasn’t better then him, if anything he was completely better.

    “I want to be with you Ryder! More then anything. My dad…he sometimes makes me think things and it’s not his fault, he just wants what’s best for me. But he had a big influence on my life. I’m so sorry. Please, please, take me back,” I said letting tears slip from my eyes.

    Ryder stayed where he was. Even if his eyes were soft, it didn’t mean he wasn’t feeling angry. But Ryder’s expressions were easy to read, I would know if he was. He was thinking. Oh gosh, what if he doesn’t love me anymore? It hadn’t been that long but…maybe he just doesn’t want to be in a relationship.

    “You really are a pain in my as*.” He muttered. But not coldly, just a fact it seemed. I nodded and put my head down.

    “And I’m so—“

    “You’re completely different then Anna ever was. She was quiet, laid back…sweet,” he said quietly. He really didn’t love me anymore. I wanted to turn and run but I couldn’t. I had to take what I deserved. “But you…you’re…a pain, a know it all. …hardly sweet. Stubborn. Everything she wasn’t.” he clarified. I wanted to leave. He was humiliating me now. I didn’t want to hear this!

    “I’m going to—“

    “But,” he said stepping off the stage and looking me straight in the eyes. “She wasn’t you.” His words echoed around the big old theater and traveled to me.

    “What are you—“

    “I’m saying, I love you.” With that he came up the aisle and I fell into his arms. I clung for a couple seconds then let go and slapped him on the shoulder. He winced and frowned.

    “Why did you make me think you didn’t love me?”

    “Why we’re you being a b*tch before?” He gave it to me straight. That’s another thing I loved about him. If I was being a b*tch, he was going to tell me. I sighed and rubbed my hands on his arms feeling the muscle tighten.

    “Because it was easier,” I finally said. He nodded understanding.

    “I said that just to make you sweat,” he gave me a smile then winked. I laughed. It felt like I hadn’t done that in a long time. I put my hand behind his head and pulled him to my lips. He quickly applied his lips in a hasty kiss. He took my body and pulled me tighter to him. A ache started in me and I wanted all of him.

    The kiss deepened and I pulled at his shirt. He put his arms up and I slipped it off. He kissed down my neck and put his fingers under my sweater. Before I knew it I was standing in just my under clothes. I pulled back and looked at him. He smiled and traced my bottom lip with his thumb. Our bodies pressed together. Then his eyes traveled to my pants lying on the floor. “What’s that?” He asked with a frown. I turned and found the rolled up painting of Ryder in my back pocket.

    I smiled at him and knelt down to get it. I unrolled it and showed it to him. He was shocked for a moment then put his hand around my waist.

    “That brings back a lot of memories.”

    I nodded in agreement. I turned to him and grinned looking down at his muscled chest and hips.

    “I think I need to paint another of you, to remember today.”

    I got carried away in fresh lines and sharp edges of Ryder’s face. He wore only jeans, where we had left off. Me still in my under clothes. He laid across the stage in a pose that was all Ryder. I bit my lip as I worked on softening his eyes. Those exotic eyes. Before I knew it, I was finished. Ryder walked over to stand behind me, looking at it.

    “Wow, you’re amazing,” he said. I smiled and looked up at him with love in my eyes.

    “You’re amazing,” I mumbled. He leaned down and gave me a good deep kiss.

    “Not as much as you are.” I smiled .

    A Month Later:

    “Just breathe, it’s okay.” I took in a deep breath and calmed as Ryder’s fingers worked on my shoulder.

    “I know, I’m just really nervous,” I mumbled holding the phone in my hands, a number perched on the table in front of me. Ryder wormed his fingers from my shoulder, down my arm to my hand and gripped my hand. I turned and looked up at him. I knew he was the one for me. From just a chance meeting in Wal-Mart to getting stuck with him for a week. Somehow we fell in love. It was odd and would forever be remembered by our family members and friends.

    He was mine, and I was his. Somehow he read my mind and smiled, leaned forward and gave me a soft lingering kiss. I smiled dizzily at him and dialed the number in confidence. I stared in Ryder’s eyes as it rang, and rang, and ra—

    “Hello?” sounded a familiar voice.

    I took a deep breath, finding my courage in his eyes.

    “Titan? It’s me Trinity.”