• I walk into my third block class noticing that my friend Rachel was here today. Last week she was home sick. I could still tell she wasn’t feeling well because her eyes were swollen and stuff, but now she’s here.
    I took my usual seat next to her and a second later the “teacher” walks in. “Hello class!” Of course everyone just ignores the dude. He stopped and looked at Rachel. “Rachel! Your here today!” He smiled a cheesy smile... awkward and just plain ew. Rachel just nodded her head. “Rachel come here for a sec.” She walked over to the end of the classroom where the Nazi teacher was.
    “Y-Yeah?” Her voice sounded scratchy, sucks to be sick.
    “We missed you! Where were you all last week?” Wow, and he calls himself a teacher? Can’t he tell that she’s sick!
    Rachel coughed a few times before answering. “Well...I was sick” She coughed again and the “teacher” nodded his head like he understood.
    Well I wasn’t going to eavesdrop anymore so I just took my notebook out and doodled. Minutes went by and the Nazi was still talking to Rachel and the class was still doing nothing.
    Still doodling, I heard Rachel scream. I looked up and i could see the “teacher” pinning her down. What the hell?
    “AAAAHH!! Help me please!!” Rachel was still screaming and i was panicking.
    “NO YOU WILL DO WHAT I SAY!” You could hear his voice bouncing off the classroom walls. Everyone was freaking out, they all ran to the back of the classroom not doing anything to help Rachel.
    “Don’t worry Rachel I’ll get Katelyn!” I knew I couldn’t do anything and Katelyn could beat the crap out of anyone. I ran out of the classroom and headed to the F pod looking for the child growth class that Katelyn was in. I pushed the door open has hard as I could.
    “Katelyn!” I took a pause trying to catched my breath.
    “What is it?” She took up from she desk worried.
    “Rachel! needs help! The Nazi is attacking her!” I screamed. Katelyn’s teacher just looks at me weird.
    “Oh my! I’m on it!” Katelyn just runs through the door almost like she was sonic the hedge hog. I followed right behind her. Once we made it to the classroom we could see the Nazi was still “attacking” Rachel and the other classmates were too in shock to help.
    “You mother ******** a** hole!” Katelyn whips out a baseball bat out of her back pocket. How can she fit a baseball bat in her back pocket? That’s not just normal! Katelyn ran up to the Nazi and banged the baseball bat right in his face. Splatters of blood went everywhere. My eyes opened wide. “Take that you ******** Nazi!” She hit him again and more blood came gushing out.
    “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” The “teacher” was trying to get away, but Katelyn whacked him one more time and he fell to the floor unconscious.
    Rachel got up and thanked us with her scratchy voice. then i heard random Spanish songs in the backround, what?
    I Shot up from my cozy bead. Spanish music was playing from my Ipod. It was just a dream, well more like a nightmare but I’m still scared for life.