• Both were guys, they both wore glasses, one had brown hair, the other had red hair. Both in lab coats. "Well, this is going to be easier than I thought" I said. I went up to the brown-haired one and put a knife near his neck. "Tell me, what's the password to get into the computer?" He put his hands up half way "Hey, we're on your side. We don't like what the president is doing either." he said. "Oh, really?" I asked. "It's true!" the red head said. "Than tell us the password" Titan said. The brown head nodded his head quickly "It's Seppuku" I nearly gasped "That's-!" I went over to the computer keyboard I typed in the password, and got in. I took out a small chip and plugged it into the side of the keyboard to download information. "So, what's your names?" I heard Titan ask as I continued to download. "I'm Hope, this is Sazh" said the red head. I began downloading or copying the entire computer main frame. "So, you two...?" Sazh asked hinting towards boyfriend and girlfriend. "Fiances, actually" Titan said. My face became hot. "Eh? You're a lucky man" Hope said, talking like all three of them have been friends for years. "I wish I could get a girl as hot as her!" Sazh said. "Hey! I'm right here!" I said and turned around to look at them. "Well, you were just so quiet..." Titan said. I flung myself backaround to the computer on the roller office chair I was sitting on. 65 percent done. Titan came toward me and put his arms around my neck behind the chair. "Don't be mad" he whispered in my ear. I faced away from his face toward the screen that said 95 percent done. He pressed his full lips against my cheek. "I'm not mad, just thinking." I said. "About what?" Sazh asked. We were so suprised, we had forgotten that they were there, and our heads banged together. I held my head where I got hurt, so did Titan. I looked back up at the screen, 100 percent. I unpluged the chip and got up out of the chair. "Let's go" I said. Me and Titan walked past Hope and Sazh. "What about us?" Hope asked. "Didn't you hear me? I said 'Let's go'" I said. Both guys broke out into huge grins and followed behind us. "Code red, code red! Two nonhumans have been seen going towards the presidents office, all units report to sector F" a Siren said. "They spotted Nala and Ikuto!" I said and bolted up the stairs.

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