• They placed her in my arms,my friends rushed in, of course aphrodite had to be first followed by stevie rae,damien and the twins.Damien gave out a girly scream "Aww! girl or boy?"I smiled of course the one who is gay has to say the first thing .haha " shut up! goddess thats all he has been saying for the past hour or so i wonder if its a boy or girl blah blah blah!"aphrodite snapped.she must be tired after all it is 11:00 in the morning .(vampyers sleep in the daytime)"Its a girl"i smiled at stevie rae."so,wats the little'ns name then huh?"she asked.I hadnt thought of that i'd been so busy runing the house of night."we arnt saw yet are we sweet?" my beaitfull husband heath said.shaunee bursted out"i wanna rap her up in sugar"
    "and eat her!"erin finshed for her.aphrodite rolled her eyes.Heath laughed a little and put his hands out to hold our baby.at once i gave the baby to him so i could sit up.i cussed under my breath but stevie rae heard "whats up?".I gasped in front of us appeared the great goddess nyx."She is in great pain because her tattos have exapped but she was having a baby making it very painfull.Nyx went to the baby and touched her forehead.she gasped"amazing,bye my children"and with that she dissapeared.Aphrodite snorted." that was pointless".Heath gasped and then smiled "look at this guys"he lifted the baby so we could all see her forehead on it was a outline of a cresent moon.we all gasped it was a white chalk colour."s...she marked her"I mangened to say.

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