• Meanwhile the slayers are facing The Black Demon knight that turn the G20 turn Demon knights. what will happen next in the story.
    Master Husseem, Big Bull Dog and Big Mac dressed as Officer's come near the building to find out what is going on.
    G20 says: Id please.
    Master Husseem says: Is that how you say too an Chef of command. Here my id I am Chef of Command of Slayer City.
    G20 says: You may pass.
    Peston says: Look at these humans they all look healthy which makes me sick.
    Devin says: You are sick what are you talking about.
    Peston says: Im a Powerful virus that made sickness happen and, Devilknight i didn't know you were a democrat like me.
    Devin says: Just do your job and keep those swine flu and vaccines in line.
    Peston says: Yes brother I will.
    Devin says: Good lets get this meeting over with.
    meanwhile lets check back on The Black Demon knight and Angelking.
    Angelking says: Turning people Demons is that all you do for fun. Is to keep having people hurt.
    The Black Demon Knight says: Why not it makes you angry well Boo Woo.
    Angelking starts crashing to the ground. then few minutes later angelking eyes open up as bright blue glowing.
    The Black Demon Knight says: It cant be.
    Angelking stands up and turns the demon knights back into G20 polices and uses his power to push The Black Demon Knight to the wall.
    The Black Demon Knight says: Oh very clever but not clever enough.
    then he disappears again.
    Angelking starts making his own army to watch the G20.
    Angelking says: You four make sure the people are alright I got to put a stop into this.
    meanwhile the oil slime sneaks in the building to hear the speech and hides somewhere.
    Master Husseem says: These people think its so funny to fool there own people. I find it sicking.
    Big Mac says: It be better if there were hot woman here.
    Master Husseem glares at Big Mac.
    Big Bull Dog says: Last thing we need you to do is see the next girl you wanna sleep with.
    Master Husseem says: We need to listen to the meeting not about woman. Get your mind off of Lala Land.
    Peston says: You officers seem to enjoy the speech.
    Master Husseem says: Well I dont enjoy viruses trying to spread deadly to others.
    Peston says: Thats why the vaccines are there to help people.
    Master Husseem says: I have a feeling it wont.
    Peston says: Thats your opinion, I just know its gonna help so many.
    Then Peston walks away.
    Big Bull Dog says: Something Doesn't smell right about that guy.
    Master Husseem says: thats Pestilence Human form. Looks like the demons been planning ahead to try and be leaders of this country now we are really in big trouble.
    Peston walks next to devin.
    Peston says: we have company.
    Devin says: No Duh we have other leaders here.
    Peston says: No we have three Slayers in this building I can smell them when I talked to them.
    Devin says: What are the Slayers doing here?
    Peston says: They know about the vaccine.
    Devin says: Thats just great all we need is them to be on the case.
    Peston says: We can turn our selfs into the Demon form til everyone leaves.
    Devin says: I see Master Husseem is here with the two Gangster boys. So Husseem is still alive after sense his student Urta died looks like now urta master is in charge that is just great.
    Devin puts his cell on.
    Devin says: Death we got Slayers here spying.
    Death says: Want me to come and bring them to death.
    Devin says: You cant it be too soon we must plan something else to deal with them. We attack now our plans wont pass thru.
    Master Husseem says: I see Devilknight still uses that human form I see he never changed.
    Big Bull Dog says: What I dont get why are they democrats.
    Master Husseem says: I dont know but them as leaders is not good at all. They see anything evil they will accepted it. Last thing we need is to have Devilknight as a President. We need to stop them and vote them out.
    Big Bull Dog says: I never thought we have to deal with politics
    Master Husseem says: We have to tell the others.
    20 calls Master Husseem.
    20 says: Boss we have had bigger issues here the G20 police are beating people up then this Black Demon Knight comes around turning the G20 to demons then angelking had to turn them back to humans. There a demon out there playing around thinking its fun to hurt people.
    Master Husseem says: Well we also got more bigger issues. Devilknight and Pestilence are leaders of the country.
    20 says: What are we gonna do now. Let them get away.
    Master Husseem says: We all need to plan something to put a stop too them.
    20 says: Why do I have a feeling we gonna deal with Pestilence first.
    Master Husseem says: because he is using his plans right now as for the others I dont know. but we need to stop Pestilence first he is weaker then Devilknight but the problem is they are brothers.
    The Meeting ended and everyone started to leave so did the G20. People were injured some are scared and the slayers came to help them out.
    Big Phil says: I see things are getting very bad is this gonna happen like everyday.
    Master Husseem says: Lets just hope not, Lets just hope we still have time.
    That ends the episode.