• When we last saw our heroes from the Rebel Fleet, they were celebrating what they thought was the complete destruction of the Empire for good.

    Little did they know, they were not the only ones to survive.

    When Darth Vader had thrown the Emperor down a hole that would mean almost certain death, he did not know that what little left of his soul still survived.

    Emperor Palpatine, too had a similar story to that of Anakin Skywalker. He was consumed by the dark side at the bidding of another, Darth Adela. His own mother. She was the only
    female of the Dark Side that was known to anybody.

    What became of his mother, nobody knows. But she had taught the Emperor enough before she had disappeared so that he was able to pass on his knowledge to Anakin.

    However, the Emperor had been an innocent young lad before his mother had turned, and brought the whole family with her into the dark. Some of that innocence still remained, buried down deep. It had been polluted and disrupted, twisted into something different. However, it was still able to give him the same power that had been given to Obi Wan, Yoda and the old Anakin. The power to survive through the force.

    Pretty soon, the Emperor had constructed a new body for himself, just before the last of his soul faded away. That was how he lived, and secretly rebuilt his clone empire. Now, finally, after many years, his project was complete. He could turn the entire Jedi race, once and for all, to the dark side. You must not forget, this only consisted of one true Jedi knight, and one ordinary girl with a large amount of potential. These two were Luke and Leia Skywalker.

    During the years, Luke had been attempting to teach his sister all Yoda had taught him, with the help of the force provided through his father, Yoda and Obi Wan Kenobi. Currently he is training his sister at Yoda’s home planet, Dagobah, just as Yoda had taught him.

    “I just can’t do it!” Grunted Leia, falling on her back yet again. It would be about the fifth time today. The logs, rocks and everything else she had been trying to force of the ground fell all around her and Luke. Obi Wan Kenobi sat on a rock nearby, Yoda leaning next to him. Of course, they were in the appearance of the Force, as there was no way to bring them back to their physical selves ever again.

    “Please Leia, just try again. Let it flow through you this time. Once more. Please?” Luke begged.

    “What, you think I haven’t been trying?!” snapped Leia angrily.
    “Patience, you must have, young Jedi. Remember, anger is the path to the Dark Side.” Muttered Yoda, shaking his head.

    Leia’s eyes narrowed at this, however she knew what Yoda said was true. Sighing, she sat down cross legged on the damp, mossy ground. “Can we at least take a break for a little while?” she begged. She pushed some stray strands of hair out of her face that had escaped from her bun.

    Suddenly, there was a sound of a ship overhead. Leia lay low, but the three Jedi knights stayed put. Looking up just before the ship disappeared from view, Leia saw that it was Han Solo’s ship that was now landing in the forest. She jumped to her feet, knowing the ship would contain Chewbacca, R2-D2, C3P0 and Han himself. It must be time for their monthly visit, already. This would be the second visit they made after leaving Luke and Leia at the Dagobah system.

    Leia looked at the Jedi knights for approval, who nodded yes, before rushing off to the ship’s landing place to greet everyone. Luke followed slower, smiling.

    The princess arrived in time to see the entrance walkway folding it’s way out of the ship. And coming down the walkway was Han Solo. Leia waited until he was standing in front of his ship, arms spread wide open, before running to him and hugging him in a warm embrace. She kissed his cheek, smiling.

    Luke stayed at the edge of the clearing and watched his sister, then noticed two droids descending down the walkway, followed by Chewbacca, who was roaring happily.

    “R2! CP0! Chewy!” Cried Luke, his face lighting up. He strode towards them happily.

    “Heh-llo Master Luke. Such a pleasure to see you again” said C3P0. R2D2 beeped happily, and the Wookie grabbed Luke up in a huge bear hug.

    “Chewy... I...uh...” gasped Luke.

    “Excuse me, Chewbacca, but I believe Luke would like to be released now.” C3P0 said.
    And with that, Chewbacca moaned and opened his arms. Luke stumbled backwards.

    “Thanks CP0.” Luke said when he regained his footing. He was smiling, though.
    Han and Leia walked over hand in hand, and Leia said, “C’mon, we’ll have nice drink back at the house”.

    So the group made their way to Yoda’s hut, which was where Luke and Leia had been
    staying for the time they were at the almost deserted Dagobah system.

    All in all it was a very merry reunion. Little did the group know that there was now a small fleet of five Imperial battle ships now within orbit range of the dense forest planet. All up, there was a fleet of forty stormtroopers, now ready to land on the planet that contained the small band of Rebels.

    “Preparing to initiate the landing sequence now, m’lord”

    “Excellent. Prepare the troopers for battle”

    “Right away, m’lord”