• "Hi" he said, waving. He had darkblue hair , light blue eyes, peach skin, and dark blue clothes. He had a sly look about him. He was an unknown, like me and Riku, I could tell by his aura, but the cat ears and tail helped too. My bedroom was all black with lit candles and a bookcase nailed above my desk beside my bed. It was chok full of magic books. My bed was next to the wall with a big window. My batheroom was behind the door on the otherside of my desk. My closet was painted black and up against the opposite wall from my bed. My t.v. was a bit over 1 foot above the foot of my bed. My labtop on my desk. I snatched the book from his hands and placed it back on my bookshelf. "Hey, no need for violence." he said. I looked back at him, although I knew he couldn't see my eyes, I threw evil looks at him. I turned him around and pushed him out my room. But before he could fully reach the hallway, he turned to me and pressed his forehead to my mask's forehead. "Hey, what's the rush?" he said, grabbing my upper arms. I grabbed his hands, turned him around and literally kicked him out of my room and slammed the door behind him. I locked the door and used my magic to make sure no one saw me. I removed my hood and let my hair fall. It was pink. Long, so long it almost reached the floor. When I was kid, I was nicknamed Repunzel becouse of how long it was. I didn't take off my mask, that, I never took off. I went into the batheroom, and took a shower. I didn't take off my mask, good it was waterproof by magic. I switched into a black t-shirt and pants and flopped down onto the bed. The window, only a bit shorter than me, was right in the direction. A good thing for full moons, like tonight. I opened the window, and felt the cool night breeze wash over me. I opened my mouth and sang Full Alchemist Brotherhood full opening 1. Again, it wasn't my own voice. I closed my window and went back to my bed and slept.

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