• “Gah!” Ark yelled as he saw me on the roof. I was wearing a dark red skirt, black long-sleeve shirt, red and black stripped scarf, black socks that went up half my thigh, and black boots, my hair was out. “Hi, Ark.” I said. “So, you aren’t drunk anymore?” he asked. “I was never drunk, just magic that made me act like I was drunk.” I told him, sitting on a big brick square that was proably used for storage inside. “So....do you remember...?” he asked. “Yes.” I said. He blushed to his roots. I hopped off of the brick box and walked toward Ark. “Did you mean it, when you said...you know.” he asked. I leaned in, and kissed him. “Idiot.” I said as I pulled away and saw his surprised blushing face. “Finally!!!” Vanessa yelled from the door. We both glared at her. “Oh, I’m probably ruining the setting. Well, I’m gunna be going now.” she said and ran down the stairs. He placed his hand on my cheek, and leaned down to kiss me, and I let him. The kiss became heated as our tongues intertwined and his hand went under the back of my shirt and his hand pressed against my back. They were cold against my bare skin. But, our moment of romance was cut short as Ark’s dad busted trough the door. “Ark?! Is this where you have been?! With an unknown?!” he yelled at the frightened Ark. Ark’s dad looked a lot like him, like a buisnessy, older version. “D-dad, I-” Ark said, frightened. I grabbed his shaking hand, he turned to see me, and I could sense his fear draining away. “Get ready,” I thought to myself. “Ark! If you don’t get over here this very second-!” said his angered father. “Get set.” I thought. “If you stay with this putrid girl, I swear to god!” he yelled. “Jinx, let’s go.” Ark told me. I nodded and ran off of the roof, with Ark behind, holding my hand. As we fell, I let out my wings, and we began to fly up before even touching the ground. Ark was yelling of shear happiness as we flew away from the building. “Don’t let go.” I told him, flapped my powerful wings, and rocketed toward the moon. I slowed down and floated in the air and through the clouds with Ark before we could reach space. “This...is the coolest thing ever!” Ark exclaimed. “Thank you.” I told him. He looked up at me, and blushed firecly. “Kiss me.” I told him. “Okay.” he said, with not well contained excitment. We kissed passionetly, repeatedly, gasping for air, his hands under my shirt, mine brushing through his soft brown locks of hair. Than, I began to sense a presence, "Riku?" I thought. Dark clouds bagan to show and thunder began to rumble. "Ark." I said. "What's wrong?" he asked. "A storm is coming, a big one." I told him. He shook his head "I can't go home! At least, not yet." he said. " You can stay with me, but we have to go now!" I hissed. "All right! Let's go than, you're the one keeping us in the air, not me!" he said. I flicked him in the side of his head with my tail. "Ouch!" he said. I flew down and over to the building. I opened my window, and we went inside. "I've been expecting you." Riku said.

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