• Chapter 1

    That night as I lay in bed I watched the full moon rise through the window. I was thinking about something that at the time was rather imporant to me, but now, like so many other things I can't remember what that something was. My eye lids grew heavier and heavier as I was tring to hold on to my thought. Just as my eyes were about to close I saw a dark shadow glide by outside my window. Almost instantly I swung myself out of bed. I shivered as my feet hit the cold stone floor, and I was awake.
    As I stood I quickly flung my robe on over my nightgown. I was an intensly curious child, I wanted explanations for the unexplainable. At the age of fifteen I was braver (or denser) then the average girl my age. These two things along with a stubborn independence, fueled my need to discover on my own to what or to whoom the shadow belonged to.
    With raceing mind and equally fast feet I made my way to the door. Almost all that I know of my life at this time comes from the memories of rushing through the small shack I called home then. Memory of my life before that that night has been lost to time, God knows I've had more than my fair share of time, a few memories are an extremly small price to pay. Slowly I reached out to grab the door handle as I turned it I shook with excitement of solving a mystery, but if I had known what awaited me that night ouside the door I would have went back to my bed and cowered beneath the covers. Finally the door was open and I had not even considered that the shadow ouside could mean danger. Maybe if I had things would've been different.
    I remember that night so clearly that if I close my eyes I can feel like I'm there again. I can alomost breathe in the cool, clean winter air, and I can definately see the large shining moon, and the the gorgous multitude of stars one can only see in a secluded place.
    I had only been standing in the doorway for a moment, stunned by the beauty of the night, when a pair of blood red eyes almost brighter then the stars met my own. Suddenly I couldn't move or think.
    The eyes stared into my own, and almost as suddenly a voice spoke in a thirsty, raspy sort of voice "little girl, can't you come outside?"
    Though it was worded as a question it felt like a demand. And even if it had been a simple request I still would've obeyed. It felt like I had no choice, like the only choice was to step outside, to be more acurate It felt like I was being pushed and pulled at the same time by an unimaginably strong force. My feet stepped over the threshold.
    "Good Child," said the voice, and it sounded like he licked his lips. "Now, I want you to close your eyes." Instantly I did as he said. "Now don't move a muscel."
    He picked me up and put me over his shoulder. I couldn't move but inside I was screaming. He began to run, and that's when I realized he wasn't human. I could barely tell he was running, the motion was so smooth and fast it felt like flying. After a few minutes, though to me it felt like days, we stopped and he set me down in a cold damp place.
    "You can open your eyes now" he said, and of course, I did. His eyes weren't in front of my face as I thought they'd be but instead I saw him standing a distance away staring at me. I found I could move now. I again had free will, and that scared me.
    I examined my kidnapper, he was tall with greesy unkept black hair. He smiled at me and I saw sharp white fangs the fangs themselves would have been enough evidense to conclude that this man was a vampire but the tinge of red on his teeth and around his mouth was the most frightining proof. The light in which I examined him came from the only heat source, a small and dieing fire, in what I had discovered to be a cave.
    A few minutes had passed, or maybe a few seconds it was difficult to tell, but suddenly, with that same inhuman speed he was right there next to me. I quickly backed into the cave wall out of fear, and he knelt down next to me.
    "So, your're the child everyone is talking about, huh?" He was whispering into my ear. I could smell his breath and it sent shivers up my spine. He grabbed my shoulder he moved his arm so quickly, all I saw was a blur. He squeased my shoulder and I felt a bone break. I had already been crying but now I screamed.
    "I, I " I stammered trying to think through the pain.
    "STOP BLUBBERING AND ANSWER THE QUESTION!" this time I fealt spit flung onto my face. Right now though his saliva was the least of my problems.
    "I don't know!" I sobbed as I tryed to breathe.
    He said in a calmer and quieter tone of voice. "Tell me child, what is your name?"
    This time I looked into his eyes. This would be my last stand, the last time I got to show the world my strength, I thought and I was going to be strong. This creature may be stronger, smarter, and faster then me, but I knew I had more will. I would not allow the last moments of my life to be marred by weakness. With these thoughts in mind I stared into the vampire's eyes and spit into them.
    He blinked a few times and stared at me a small smile reached his lips. "Fine this only means I can quench my thirst now instead of later, since you are not the person I seek."
    I said nothing. I had realized my death was approaching as soon as we had reached the cave. Yet I think in my heart there was still a small remnant of hope that had refused to fade. I closed my eyes just before he sunk his fangs into my neck. Again the pain made me scream, though I was trying so hard to hold it in. The pain of that bite was indiscrible, one of the few things I wish I could forget. I felt myself getting weaker and weaker until I thought I was surely dead.
    All of a sudden the pain was gone and there were new voices in the room, but I couldn't focus on what they were saying. For a moment I thought maybe I was dead and in heaven, but I realized I was much to weak. The voices got louder and I felt strong arms lifting me and again I had no idea who was carring me or were I was headed, but that didn't matter because as I drifted off into unconsiousness I believed that I would never be waking up again.