• As wondering if anyone's life just a differ, but it was more to that. Like when a boy gets a puppy or when he loses it. Just like those parts, theres really more to it, is'nt there. I no there is but being bored of life well be long but somtimes, people can live with it....... like me.

    Just as i thought when being kidnapped and kketp as a servent for 10 years can change a kid. A whole lot. But when you see goodness out of it, you'll see your self just like anyone else. but when some people think your dead like your mother or father or both, it can be depressing sometimes but if you dont want to get hurt, then you would stay put intills someone finds you.

    When a young girl gets lost after a car wreck with her brother on the army bus, it can be scary just like being kidnapped. Just like losing a love one or a animal, it can be scary. So injoy th egood things in life.

    But, when theres no hope, you cant do anything like when your grandme dies from cancer or akid becomes an orphan. There's, sometimes no hope. So Enjoy the little things in life that you can enjoy.