• "Jamie what is it?"Charlie said. I could not speak. I was having, having a vision. I saw an eclipse. Thats when I came back to earth. "Whoa!"I said. 'That has never happened. All i saw was an eclipse."I told Charlie.
    "Maybe it has to do with the Eclipse Ball tomorrow night."I said. "I think we should go. Maybe this is our chance to get these guys before they get you." charlie said. After a few minues of talkin we decided we are going to go.
    As I walked back inside I felt dizzy. My eyes were blurring. I fell against the wall. The wall was holding me up. What was happening? I looked down at my hands and they were blurred. I finally fell to the ground. The last thing I heard was my name being called before I blacked out.

    My eyes opened. "Huh."I breathed out. I sat up. I was in a bedroom. I looked out the window I was still in the house. "Hello Jamie."I jumped to the voice. ''Tony!"I said.
    "What do you want?"I said. "I just wanted to see you. To make sure Charlie hasnt killed you yet. Obviously he done some damage already."He said.
    "Tony just go."I said. "Jamie you need to relax."He said. He walked towards me. "Get away from me."I said. He touched my face. I shivered alittle. He grabbed my face in his hands. "Tony what are you doing?"I yelled.
    Then he kissed me. I push him back. But it didnt help much because I ended up crashing into the wall. My head hurt so bad. I looked back up and Tony was gone.
    Thats when Charlie came into the room. "What happened?"He said. "Tony."I said. He helped me up. I told him what happened. "There had to be another reason why he came."I said. "Yes i know. Ok well its 2:30 so you mite want to start gettin ready for tonite."He said. "What 2:30?"I said.
    He walked out of the room. What was I going to wear? I went to find Charlene. "Hi Charlene. Do you have a dress I could use?"I asked. "I knew you would ask and yes I do here."She said as she handed me a dress. "Thank you."I said. I walked out of the room.
    Went back to the room. I layed out the dress. It was a very pretty. A strapless, dark violet, short dress. I went to the restroom. I took a shower. I got out. Went to get some clothes on. I didnt put the dress on until I was done with everything. My make-up was dark eyeshadow, eye liner and maskara. My hair, I used a curler to curl my hair. My shoes they went to my ankles. I was finally ready and it was already 6:00. I put my dress on. I looked better than i have in the last two weeks.
    I walked down the stairs. I saw Charlie. He looked good in his tuxedo. I didnt see Charlene she was probely still putting on her cloothes. "You look fancy."I said. "I was about to say the same to you to."He said. I smiled.
    Then Charlene came down. She look very pretty. "Ok so were all ready."She said.
    The ball was being held in town square, so everyone could see the eclipse. I looked at the sky. The sun was about to set. So we had a good two hours before the eclipse happened.
    "Jamie."i heard Charlie say. "Yes?"I said. "Wear this."He said. As he handed me a neclace. "Its a magical necklace. In case you need to use magic there is a boost because on a eclipse witch magic can weaken sometimes in depends on the witch."He said. "Thank you."I said.
    We walked to town square. It wast far. When we go there, lots of people were there probley the whole town. We decided we would slit up. So we can find either the hunter or the wizard or the vampires.
    I talked to several people and had several "Sorry for lose" and "How you doing?". I had been asked to dance several times. Some I said yes some I said no. I walked over to get something to drink. That where I saw Charlie. "You see anyone yet?"I asked him. "Nope. You?"He said. I shook my head no.
    "Ms.Jamie whould you like to dance?"He asked me. "Yes Mr.Charlie."I said. He took my hand. We walked to the area where people were dancing. It was a pretty slow song but i liked it. We were dancing. His hand on my waist. My hands on his shouldres.
    I looked up at the moon. The eclipse looked about another half an hour away. We continued the dance. Then when the song was over I told him about the eclipse and that when it happens to meet me by the tree in the middle of the square.
    We went are ways. I continued to look around when I saw Tony. He must have saw me because he walked towards me. ''Jamie."He said. "Leave me alone Tony."I said. "Jamie dont make a scene here."He said. "Would you like to dance?"He said. "With you? No."I said. I walked away but he kept following me.
    "Tony go away." I said. I looked at the moon again. Oh my gosh the eclipse was about to happen. I heard it over the microphone as well. I looked at the tree Charlie was there. ''Tony just go away."I said. I started walking. I looked at the moon the eclipse started.
    "Awwwwww."I yelled. My head was killing me. I fell to the ground. "Jamie dont you know that the eclipse will hurt witches.'' Tony said. I held my head in my hands. "Make it stop!"I yelled. Tony picked me up. "Judt leave me."I said.
    About five minutes later I was layed down. I opened my eyes I was rite under the eclipse. The eclipse is four hours long. i felt my heart racing. My head was ready to exploud.
    "Jamie."I heard a voice say.
    TO BE CONTIUED.................