• Fangor the Elf
    By David Perez
    Ch. 1 Enter Fangor
    Long ago, there lived an elf named Fangor. Fangor was a one of a kind elf, he was an elf but he was known as a dark elf, as most elves were. But he was different; most dark elves had purple skin, but he had dark grey skin, red hair, and red eyes. So when Fangor was an infant, he was thrown out of his camp, but miraculously, he survived. Now Fangor is 19 years old, and he is as strong as a knight.
    One night Fangor was wandering the forest, when, out of nowhere, a giant bird came swooping down from above the trees. But this was no ordinary bird; this bird had fiery wings and a tail that looked as if it were made of fire. Fangor knew that this was going to be a bit of a challenge. Because he knew that this bird was known as the mighty phoenix. Many would try to run away from this fiery beast, but Fangor was just calm, he didn’t flinch or anything. By the looks of this, the phoenix must have taken this as a sign of dominance. So the phoenix stood up taller to make itself look taller. When it saw that Fangor still didn’t move, it took the stance of battle. Seeing this made Fangor let out a small chuckle. The phoenix then lunged at Fangor and ten Fangor, without hesitation, leaped up into the air, and roundhouse kicked the phoenix right in the beak, sending it crashing into a large tree. Fangor took notice that the bird was still moving, and got a little irritated. He then bent his knees, and leaped high into the air toward the unconscious phoenix. He kept his feet down and slammed right in the middle of the phoenix’s head. At impact, the phoenix’s tail and feet went up into the air.
    Fangor hopped of the phoenix’s head a let out another small chuckle. Fangor wasn’t so surprised that he killed this mighty bird. Because, out of so many others that have tried to kill Fangor none have even come close. Not even two of the four most famous and powerful knights in Lancelot. Fangor has killed both the Bronze Knight and the incredibly famous Black Knight. But Fangor has yet to face the other two most powerful knights, the Golden Knight and the Onyx Knight. Fangor knew that he was soon going to have to face these two knights. Fangor let out a disgusted growl at the thought of possibly killing two more knights. He then grew somewhat angry at having to kill again. All Fangor wanted was to just end all of this, end all the killing, end all the bloodshed. Just because of his anger, Fangor raised a fist, and slammed it right onto the trunk of a tree. The amount of force Fangor’s punch had had must have been great, because just after his fist made contact with the tree, it moved 2 feet then fell on its side.
    Fangor didn’t like having to kill so much. He just wished it would just end. He wished he was born as a normal dark elf. All of this killing wouldn’t have happened if Fangor hadn’t killed the bronze knight.
    Fangor remembered that day as if it were yesterday. Fangor was only 5 years old at the time, but the memory is so clear. He was just wandering through the forest. While in another part of the forest the bronze knight was returning to Lancelot. While he on his way there, he noticed little Fangor wandering around. Normally a knight would show mercy to such a small dark elf, but the bronze knight didn’t see that showing such mercy was a good idea. He thought this because he believes that if you spare a dark elf, it will just become another cold blooded killer like all the rest. So he stopped his horse and hopped off, walked over to Fangor. Fangor must have heard a twig break or something because as the knight got closer Fangor turned around. The bronze knight just looked at him in disgust. After a few moments the knight raised his sword. His blade was just about 2 or 3 inches from Fangor’s head when Fangor let out such a blood curdling yell that was so loud it launched the bronze knight 10 or 15 feet back. He landed on his back with a loud thud that sounded like a mix between clattering metal and cracking bones. The knight noticed that he must have lost his grip on his sword because it wasn’t in his hand anymore. It took him a moment to notice the sword plummeting right at him. He tried to get up but both of his arms and legs were paralyzed from the impact. So the sword plunged itself right into himself with such force the blade went through him and into the ground, when it stopped you couldn’t see any of the blade sticking out of his chest. Fangor was just staring at the knight with wide eyes. It must have been very upsetting for Fangor, because when the knight finally coughed up a bit of blood, Fangor just started to cry his eyes out. Fangor’s crying was so loud, that all the forest animals within a range 50 feet began to flee the area. This kill was Fangor’s first kill and the start of his bounty.
    Fangor felt tears trickling down his cheeks. He wished that he just let the bronze knight bring that blade down on his head. After a few minutes, Fangor was just wiping his tears away when he heard a terrifying roar behind him. Fangor turned around to see an gigantic blue dragon flying right at him.
    Fangor knew right away that this was not going to be so easy. Fangor has never faced a dragon before. But he has heard that they’re stronger than all the beasts and knights he has faced. And this dragon was bigger than most dragons.
    When the dragon landed, the ground around it shook. Fangor took a step a step back from this ferocious beast. The dragon took notice of Fangor and right away, didn’t like seeing the elf stand in its presence so it let out another loud roar aimed sight at Fangor. He noticed that its mouth started to fill with fire, and got ready jump out of the. The dragon raised its mighty head and flung it forward, fling the fire from its mouth with a hiss. As the wall of fire grew nearer, Fangor bent his knees and jumped off the side, dodging the fire. The dragon’s eyes flashed red in anger. It swept its tail at him and struck him directly in the side sending him soaring through the air. Fangor plowed right into a large bolder, causing it to shatter as he made contact.
    “Agh that really hurt.” Fangor said holding his head as he stood up. It was at that moment that Fangor could feel his body changing. His hands, feet, back, face, and just about everything else felt weird. He suddenly felt himself grow. When he stopped growing he realized he was a dragon now. Now the blue dragon looked really confused by this. Fangor thought he saw a hint of anger lurking in its eyes. Fangor thought that this was his only way to survive this fight. It was at that moment that the blue dragon reared its head back again, and Fangor did the same. The blue dragon flung its head forward sending its fire ball soaring through the air, and Fangor did that as well. The two balls of fire made contact and exploded making the blue close its eyes and turn its head as t not get any rubble in its eyes. Once the smoke subsided the blue dragon turned its head back to the battle, but was only able to see another fire ball roaring at its head before it died at impact. Fangor shrunk back to normal size and turned back into him normal self. It was just a few seconds after that that had fainted.
    Ch. 2 the Meeting
    Fangor awoke a few hours later in a daze. He sat up and noticed that he wasn’t in the forest any more, he was in a log cabin. He looked around the room he was in before he heard a voice, and a female voice at that.
    “Oh, your finally awake I see.” Said the voice. It took Fangor a moment to locate the speaker, but when he did he was surprised. The woman was beautiful; she had black hair, light skin, green eyes, and was dressed in green clothing. She looked like she was 19 years old like Fangor. It was a few moments before she said anything,
    “You’ve been asleep for few hours you know.” She told him. Fangor was looking at her kind of confused. It was a minute before either of them said anything. But when Fangor spoke his voice was raspy and sounded painful,
    “Where am I, why did you bring me here?” He said to her. It was at that moment that the woman held her finger over Fangor’s lips.
    “Hush, you shouldn’t speak.” She said. “This is my cabin in the forest, sort of my get away home you might say.” She got up and walked to the counter.
    “Why did you bring me here? You should’ve just left me in the clearing, didn’t you see the dead dragon behind me?” Fangor said in a rude tone.
    “Well I couldn’t just leave you there for the scavengers to pick at. That wouldn’t be right.” She said to him. “You don’t have to be so rude about it you know.” Fangor’s expression changed and he hung his head down.
    “I- I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it that way.” Fangor said in a softened tone. The woman turned her head and looked at Fangor, who still was hanging his head down. She waited a minute then smiled at him.
    “It’s okay, I understand. You’re not a very kind person are you?” She said to him happily. Fangor lifted his head and answered in a still soft tone.
    “No I’m not, I’m hunted by just about everything, mostly knights.” It took him a minute to realize that this woman might be after his bounty. So he flung himself back against the wall. “I know what you’re up to.” He said in an angry tone.
    “And what would that be?” She said in a confused tone.
    “Aren’t you after the bounty that’s on my head?” Fangor asked. The woman let out a small sigh and shook her head.
    “No I’m not after your bounty, I didn’t even know you had a bounty on your head. Remember I don’t even know your name, why don’t you tell me it.” She said to him still smiling. Fangor slid back down and sat down before speaking to her.
    “Uh- it’s Fangor.” He said to her waiting for her to say something.
    “Fangor? What an odd name. Must be an elfin name.” She said to him. Fangor raised an eye brow then asked,
    “So what’s your name?” She waited a few seconds to answer, but when she did, she sounded a little concerned.
    “My name is Cory, Cory Coles. But my friends call me Blood.” She said to him averting her eyes. “I’m called that because I’m the Blood Princess.” She stood up and walked back over to the counter to fetch a bowl that contained what looked soup.
    “Hmph, so your name is Cory, well what do I call you, Cory or Blood? It was a few moments before she answered. But when she did she sounded happy again.
    “You can call me what ever you want to call me Fangor.” She said with a smile back on her face.
    “Okay then, I’ll call you Blood. Is that alright?” Blood turned around to answer but she looked a little concerned again. But after a few seconds, she looked happy again.
    “Of course it is Fangor. Here drink this.” She said holding up a spoonful of broth to his mouth. He obliged and drank it painfully. He thought the soup was going to dreadful, but he thought it tasted pretty good. After he finished the soup, Blood returned the bowl to the sink.
    “Well, how was it, the soup I mean?” She asked him. Fangor lifted his head and for the first time in a long, he smiled.
    “It was good, delicious I might say.” He answered with some true sincerity in his voice. Blood looked at him with a big grin on her face. She then let out an excited gasp.
    “Really you liked it?!?!” She asked excitedly. Fangor didn’t say anything, just nodded with that same smile. Blood looked at him with tears of happiness trickling down her cheeks. Then she lunged at him and hugged him.
    “Oh thank you Fangor! You’re the first person to actually like my cooking.” She said still hugging him. She let go and danced across the room.
    “Uh, y-you’re welcome.” He said to her. Fangor could feel his face get warm as he blushed. Fangor had never had somebody hug him before. Fangor noticed that the sun was going down and he stood up.
    “I think I should get moving before it gets too dark.” He announced still looking out the window. He felt a tug on his arm, and he look to see Blood tugging on his sleeve.
    “No stay and rest here for tonight. You need your strength for your journey right?” She said with determination lurking in her voice.
    “Well yes but-“
    “Then rest here for the night and you can head off tomorrow. Please.” She said to him still determined. Fangor waited a minute before deciding whether or not stay. When he finally answered he let out a small sigh.
    “Alright I’ll stay.” He answered with a small smirk on his face. Blood began to jump around and clap when he answered.
    “Yay, you’re going to like staying here tonight. I can make you all sorts of food. And you can sleep in the guest bed in the next room.” Fangor was wearing a smile but he thought he made the wrong choice by agreeing to stay here for the night.
    A few hours passed and Blood had already fallen asleep on the floor. Fangor looked at her and chuckled. He picked her up and carried her to the nearest bedroom and set her in the bed, carefully though so he didn’t wake her up. He then walked out the room and out of the cabin.
    The next morning Blood woke up and rubbed her eyes. She noticed that she had been lying in the guest bed and wondered how she got in here. She realized that Fangor must have brought her in here to sleep. Then she realized that Fangor must have been sleeping in her bed. So she got up and walked angrily into her room and noticed that bed hadn’t been touched, it wasn’t even warm. She wondered if Fangor had left in the night and she let out a soft sigh that was filled sadness. She walked into the kitchen holding her head down and glanced out the window. As she walked passed it she stopped and walked back, she then noticed that Fangor was sitting on a boulder outside the cabin. She walked out of the cabin and quietly walked over to Fangor. But apparently she wasn’t quiet enough, because Fangor chuckled and said,
    “You’re not as sneaky as you think Blood.” He said. Hearing that made Blood stop in her tracks.
    “Oh well, I guess I’m not, what are you doing out here anyway?” She asked walking over to him. “You should be inside asleep you know.” She told him patting his shoulder. Fangor turned his head to look at her and raised an eye brow.
    “I don’t sleep like I should, why do you think I’m so cranky all the time?” He said with a small chuckle. Blood looked at him in wonder.
    “What kind of elf is this guy? He isn’t like other elves that wander the forest.” She thought to herself. She shrugged and looked back at the cabin and tugged on his sleeve.
    “Come on, I’ll make you breakfast.” She told him tugging harder. Fangor turned his head to see Blood walking back to the cabin, and obliged. He hopped off the boulder. But when he turned around he got worried. Fangor saw 2 other dark elves sneaking into the cabin.
    “BLOOD LOOK OUT!!!!!!” He yelled. He raced toward the cabin and was half way there when he heard a shriek, only it wasn’t Blood who did it. He stepped into the cabin and look in shock as the two elves lay dead on the floor.
    “Huh wha-what happened in here?” He noticed Blood standing in the door way of her bedroom. “Blood are you okay? Are you hurt?” Fangor asked sounding hysterical. Blood just looked at him and nodded through the panting.
    “They weren’t that tough.” She said sounding triumphant. Fangor looked at her and began to laugh. After a minute Blood started laughing along with him. They stopped after a minute to hear the sound of Fangor’s stomach rumble.
    “Uh, hehe sorry, I’m hungry from all the laughing.” He explained. Blood chuckled and shook her head with a smirk on her face.
    “Alright then. How do you like your eggs?” She asked him walking over to the counter. Fangor then had a confused look on his face.
    “What are eggs?” He thought to himself.
    Fangor had to wonder what eggs were, because he had never had eggs before. He had grown up in the forest, and only ate meat, he had never had anything besides meat before. Blood turned around to see if he was going to answer him, when he spoke with confusion in his voice.
    “Uh, I don’t know.” He said to her. “I’ve never had eggs before. Remember I lived in the forest, and only survived off of meat remember?” It took Blood a moment to remember.
    “Oh that’s right, I’m sorry.” She apologized. She grabbed him by the arm and pulled him into the kitchen. “Well if you’ve never had eggs before, you’ve got to try them now.” She said with determination in her voice. She sat him down at the table and walked to the counter and began to cook.
    After about 10-15 minutes, Blood brought two plates filled with eggs, and some bread and sat down in the chair next to Fangor. She put his plate in front of him and look at him closely.
    “Well, go on. Try them.” She said nudging him. Fangor nodded politely and picked up the fork that Blood had placed next to his plate. He stabbed the points of the fork into the eggs, lifted it up, and placed them into his mouth. He chewed thoughtfully for a moment before swallowing. He waited a minute before telling her what he thought of them. After a minute he smiled a small smile and looked at her in astonishment.
    “Wow, these uh eggs, are delicious.” He said to Blood happily. But she just gave him a look that didn’t seem too happy. “What, what’s wrong?”He asked.
    “Delicious, that’s what you said to me last time, are they only delicious or are they marvelous?” She said with a brow raised. Fangor let out a sigh and shook his head.
    “Ok fine, they’re marvelous.” He said with a tiny bit of an attitude in his voice. Blood looked at him with a bit of an attitude on her face as well.
    “Well thank you, and don’t get an attitude with me mister.” She said sounding as if she thought she was his mother.
    “I don’t have an attitude Blood.”
    “Then what’s with that tone you’re giving me now?” She said sounding a little angry. Fangor looked at her with a frustrated look.
    “Alright, I’m sorry, okay?” He said softening his tone a bit, not sounding so rude, and changed the expression on his face so that he looks sincere. Blood opened her mouth to argue, but she decided not to and just said,
    “It’s okay Fangor.” She said nicely. “I know you don’t mean to sound rude, so I forgive you.” Fangor looked at her for a moment then smiled.
    “Thank you Blood.” He said. Blood just looked at him for a second, and then returned to eating her eggs, and Fangor did the same.