• As mothers car slowly neared the curb, of the dreadful building, the reality of the situation fully hit me. I was now about to start school in a new country, for the5th time that year. You would think that I would have gotten use to the toucher of all the other students staring at you like you were from planet weirdo. I unfortunately hadnt, i didnt think that i ever would. I had keep reliveing it, because mother could not hold down a job longer then a few months. She said that this was the last move till i finished high school in 2 years. I truly wanted to believe her but something in my head told me not to.
    When the car abruptly stopped I knew that it was my time to step out in to the world. As i departed the car i faintly herd my mother say 'Have a splendid first day, honey'. I didn't awnser her, I didnt even gance back at her. I had no need to, I had already known what her face would looked like. She would have painted on that perfect loveing mother face. The one that every mother puts on when they dont want to show their true emotions. As i herd mothers old rusty car drive off in the direction we had just come from, inow for the first time truly looked at the midevil school and wonder what lay ahead.