• ~Prelude~

    I fell so hard. So hard, that I think all my body was registering was the light seeping through the small hole. "What happened to me?" I slowly tried to raise my arm, which led to a sharp pain shooting up the entire cascade of my ligaments. The light was dimming above me, so I knew it must mean the sun was setting or I was losing conciousness. The small place that held my aching body was not going to be visible much longer. Since my arm was in pain, I tried desperately to turn my body to a comfortable position, ending in more severe pain. I must have laid there hoping someone would find me for days. Although that's what it seemed like, I found it was only eight hours. My alarm in my room woke me up at seven o' clock, telling me to get up and get to work. I moved my whole body to a sitting position and found that the whole thing was a dream. "What a relief." I didn't say much after that, but I kept repeating the dream over and over in my head to figure out what it all meant. The one thing I did not know was that the dream I had would become my future.