• *Ufo lands in Ufo landing zone*
    *door opens and Zia (alien) drags kim (human) out of thw ship

    KIM: woa eek

    ZIA: oh yes...earth is so bland and untasteful...

    KIM: eek

    ZIA: well arent you going to say anything?

    KIM: eek

    RETARTED SUNFLOWER: photosynthesis

    ZIA: well, come with me, we have some work to do...

    KIM: what is this acid-ville?
    *she touches the light bulb plant growing out of the ground*

    ZIA: Acid?? what you mean "acciiiddd".

    KIM: never mind *she grabs a glowing tuff of moss-like grass growing off a rock* OH MY GOD...my palms are glowing

    ZIA: Oh yesss, expect that to happen when you go around grabbing things like that..

    KIM: this is better then willy wonkas chocolate factory!!!

    SUNFLOWER :photosynthesis

    ZIA: I suppose if this "Faccctorry" is on earth, it would be...foollow me
    *they walk up to a very, large modern looking gated house*

    KIM: is this where you live?

    ZIA: yes...now,dont mind the queen...


    ZIA: MOMMY!!!
    * a very large alien ..comes from beind door*

    QUEEN: ohh you brought your earthling...and you got her to behave, I'm so proud.

    ZIA: yes, I've grown her quite well :3


    QUEEN: I hope your still taking care of that plant....

    ZIA: yes ma'm

    QUEEN: you know what I told you...you bring it to life, you take care of it

    KIM: eek

    QUEEN: poor little creature this is probably over whelming to her.

    KIM: *looks at the moving patterns on the "tile" floor

    ZIA: dont worry about her, shes doing alright

    QUEEN: well, I'd hope so

    KIM: what time is it...on earth...I wanna go home sad

    ZIA: I'll take you home, but, you knoooow you'll be coming back once a month...

    KIM: *nods* mmhhmmm...

    ZIA: this is all.. *she takes human back to the ship*


    ZIA: yes, the queen wanted to meet you.

    KIM: how far away are we anyways?

    ZIA: ohhh seperate demension...third quadrant...about two million light years..

    KIM: how do we get back so fast

    ZIA: > smile worm holes!!!


    ZIA: I have a favor to ask you

    KIM: what?

    ZIA: can you take this plant from me for a month?...I still have not made his "sun room" yet...and I need to leave for awhile from plutonia...

    KIM: but,..but....what am I gonna...and your "house" has plenty of "windows" I mean..why? and...how will I explaine to my mom I mean...really?

    ZIA: if he talks to much put him in your closet, he'll close up and go to sleep then.

    KIM: what about the queen?

    ZIA: what about her?

    KIM: why cant she take care of him?

    ZIA: you need to be more accustomed to plutonia...and the queen is busy...just water him once a day and give him as much light as you can. please dont tell me this is too much of a challenge for you...

    KIM: I guess not O_o
    *she listens into the other room as the sunflower says "photosynthesis"

    NEXT TIME ON ZIAS LIFE ON PLUTO...kim tries to take care of the plant