• Spencer decided that he wanted a master race that could be formed from a virus. This virus granted it's infectee super human strength, speed, endurance, and metabolism. The draw back is it either would kill you or leave you normal if you did not receive it's powers. Spencer had kidnapped thousands of children from across the world when they were born. He gave them all the surname "Wesker" and put them in one of three facilities located in the US. These days only a handful of Weskers are still alive but they are not important. this is the story of one of them in particular. This is the story of Thomas Wesker.

    When Thomas was born he was taken to facility 3. Most famous these days for harboring Albert and Jonah Wesker. But this facility is also where the idea for the T-Virus was first conceived. Then Thomas was five the first of Progenitor was injected into everyone. Few died and no one obtained it's power. Throughout the year's the injection's increased as the employee's were closer and closer to there goal. Until finally someone obtained the power. His name was Albert Wesker and little did he know at that time that he would create the most menacing bio-weapon the world has ever known...Uroboros.

    Through out the years that Albert had his powers his sanity was slowly being consumed until one day he lost it. Albert had killed every other Wesker in the facility except for a few. Thomas was later revived by progenitor when the clean up crew was disposing of the corpses. They had first thought him as a zombie and they opened fire. Thomas dodged the bullets and killed the men. But more piled into the room. He was over whelmed but a man named James Marcus had entered the room and saved him. Marcus took Thomas straight to Spencers room to explain the situation. Spencer decided to let him live so he could act as an agent. His last mission was to Rockfort island where he was to do two things...retrieve the Veronica Virus and kill the rogue Albert Wesker. Thomas had gained the virus and confronted Albert. But he had lost the duel Albert sparred him again so Spencer wouldn't have another reason to go after him.

    After that mission Thomas decided to leave Umbrella and fight against bio-weapons. But being a Wesker with modified DNA mean't that he couldn't avoid viral weaponry totally. He had escaped the main Umbrella base with his friend Dante. He was an Umbrella intern who had kept Thomas's morality and mental health in check so he would not go rogue as Albert had. Later that year Thomas had formed the BCRDU (Bio-terror Counter-Measure Research and Development Unit) and hired Stephan Ordivelli, Charlie Tagachi, Dante, and Michael Vickers to the main task force. Thomas had then searched for a virus that would aid in his fight against Albert and Umbrella.

    Thomas had travelled to Africa in search of this virus. The locals had told him that a temple within the heart of Africa would hold the key to the virus he seeked. Thomas had went there and entered the temple. It was filled with traps but nothing he couldn't handle. When he finally reached the heart of the temple he found a blood red ring sitting on a pedistal. He had reached for it and it flew and slid onto his right ring finger. It was a cursed ring containing an evil spirit known as Nightmare. Thomas had went back to the locals who had told him that Nightmare plagued there village for years and that he had saved them. Thomas felt betrayed but later found out that the villagers didn't lie. With the ring he had created the Aurora, Borealis, and Takkegeshi Virus's.

    The Evil Spirit Nightmare fought Thomas for control over his body and soul many times. Sometime he lost and sometimes he won. Eventually Nightmare had created to beings to serve in his evil goal of world destruction. There names were Death and Terror. They could only come out when Nightmare was near possession of Thomas. Many fight's and stories happened after these events but those stories are for another time.