• Everybody smiled, the new life have been brought to Momoko family. Everybody stood to see the new born. The midwife brought the crying baby.
    -A girl.- she said.
    Frustrated voices repercussed. The father took his daughter.
    - I have even worse news, the mother died while giving birth to this demon.
    - Demon? How dare you call my daughter demon?!- the father of the child shouted.
    - Just look at her blood red eyes, it means curse.- The midwife looked at the baby with disgust.
    - Red eyes? What's wrong with that? Sometimes it happens that people achieve something dif--
    - Not in this situation, red eyes means death, she's a curse for you all! Kill her now all you'll curse all world!- the midwife shouted.
    - Killing innocent baby for your nonsense, old woman? I will not kill my daughter, never! She's all I've got left.- the father looked at woman with anger.
    - Even if she's demon? - she looked a him with insane surpised face.
    - Even if she's demon, although I don't believe you. Elisabeth gave up her life for her for some reason, didn't she? I can guarantee she would say the same as I do.
    - All the demons starts their life with death of their carrier... Even so if you all want to die,go on leave her in this world, all she'll bring will be destruction!.. - woman ran out of the mansion.
    - I can't believe Ms. Nodoka went so crazy... How can baby be considered as a demon? - one of relatives looked at father.- Me neither believe in this. Look, she stopped crying then that woman left...
    - I suppose to think seeing the death of Elisabeth was last drop until insanity for Nodoka. - Grandfather stood.- Such little beauty couldn't hurt anybody. - He smiled.- How you'll call her ,son?
    Father smiled on his face:
    - Miya, Momoko Miya.
    - Well fine, everybody. Today is the day of the end and begining of the lives, we all treasure. Elisabeth left us, but she brought us Miya.
    While that the midwife was running into the church, she could bearly breathe then she reached it.
    - Priest, Priest, PRIEST!- she shouted.
    - What is it , Nodoka-san?- with peace and bliss in his face priest asked.
    -Demon... demon has born...
    - Demon? What do you mean?- there was no clue the happiness in his face now.
    - Momoko family brought the demon to this world, blood red eyed demon...- she chuckled trying to get back her breathe.
    - Momoko and demon? Impossible! Elisabeth Momoko prayed everyday to health of her baby, she even asked sancify her...
    Twelve years have passed. Miya have grew in to little demon as people called her, she couldn't go out anywhere because of the people. Slowly she became the demon they called her. She had a lot of anger then she unleashed, she can kill by her mind, playing with words. She had her special ABC for that. Slowly innocense of hers changed into naughty smile. ' A is for Akira, who drowned in the pool.' One day she said for a boy she hated for writing letters and calling her names in it. Akira was found drowned next day, With Capital A incision of his chest.