• I didn’t know who or what I was until June 16 on that night it was a full moon. I went out side for some fresh air. But as soon as out of any street light or porch light and in the light of the moon and only the moon I felt a sharp pain all though my body. As I looked at my hands, they were covered in fur and had claws. I saw a broken mirror on the side of the road. As I picked it up, I saw what I had became. I was a werewolf.
    “cool” I said. However, I saw headlights coming, with no place to hide, I was doomed. The driver saw me but just kept driving not even speeding up. I looked back in the mirror I was human again. I decide to turn in early, just incase. The next morning I went my friend Trisha’s house. Trisha always knew about this kind of stuff. Luckily, she was just coming outside.
    “I have something to show you” we both said at the same time.
    “ you go first” she said.
    “ okay last night something extremely weird happened.”
    “let me guess you became a werewolf?”
    “uhhh how did you know?” I said. I was now more confused then ever. She let out a worried sigh before answering.
    “because I am a vampire.” She said not sounding happy about it.
    “what’s wrong I thought you loved vampires?”
    “I do but I never thought I would ever be one.” She said “now people will call me a freak”
    “No they won’t.”
    “and why not?” she asked.
    “because I am leaving this life behind so no one will know what happened. I want you to come with me.” I said looking into her perfect face.
    “Sam I would love to but I can’t leave my life.”
    “do you want people calling you a freak and weirdo?”
    “no” she said now looking scared.
    “then come with me.” I said. Therefore, she finally agreed to come with me into the woods. As soon as we found a perfect spot, I craved a giant hole in two different trees. One for me and one for her. The sun was setting when I got finished.
    “well I am tired.” Trisha said yawing.
    “yeah so am I” I lied when I said that but I was sorta tired.
    She was soon sleeping like a baby. However, I couldn’t sleep. Then I heard the sound of paws running though leaves. I climbed out of my tree and moved towards Trisha’s tree. I saw what looked like another wolf trying to take Trisha out of the tree. “ HEY you put her down.” I yelled transforming. When the other wolf turned around I recognized the face, it was my friend Joey.
    “Sam?” he asked. Putting Trisha down.
    “Joey what are doing.”
    “I came to help you two and to protect Trisha”
    “what do you mean ‘protect’ Trisha?”
    “Nina is coming to ummm kill Trisha.” Joey said not sounding very happy to give me the news.
    “here’s what we do” I whispered. “we don’t tell Trisha and protect her secretly.” So, me and Joey agreed on that. Soon Trisha was up and was happy to see Joey. She was also happy about him being a werewolf and coming with us. As we were walking though the woods, me and Joey were able to catch the scent of a new vampire but not just one. Three of them.
    “ummm guys why did you stop?” Trisha asked.
    “Joey I think it’s time we told her.”
    “tell me what?”
    “Trisha , Nina is coming to kill you.” Joey said trying to sounded like a good person. “and Sam and I just caught the scent of at least three other vampires. One of them is a familiar smell.”
    Just then, six vampires fell from the trees. They were all smiling showing there fangs.
    “you three are to come with us.”
    “if you don’t we will be forced to use drastic measures.”
    Therefore, we decide to go with them just for safety.
    “Master we have brought the three you asked for.” The first vampire said.
    “thank you, you may go now.” Nina said. “Ahhh Sam, Trisha, and Joey. How nice to see you again. The reason I brought you here was to get rid of you.”
    “but why?” Trisha asked looking worried.
    “because of you Trisha. You have Sam to protect you and now you have Joey. Plus ever since that one little incident two years ago when you broke up the great friendship we all had I swore revenge on you.” Then with no warring, she tried to attack Trisha but I had transformed at the last second.
    “BACK OFF” I said shielding Trisha.
    “you dare interfere with my plans. Feel my wrath you little b*****d.” She then lunged for me grabbing my throat. She was stronger then I thought. Then Joey tackled her off me.
    “Sam, Sam are you okay?” Trisha asked sounding worried.
    “yeah but where’s Joey?”
    “he fighting Nina and losing.”
    “I have to help him” before Trisha could say anything else I lunged at Nina tackling her off Joey. She then came flying at me with her claws she striked my face at least twice. I was now enraged. I let out a loud howl. We were in a cave so I caused a cave in. you might think that this is where the story ends but it doesn’t.
    “Trisha, Trisha?” I yelled
    “Sam over here.” She said. she was trapped under a large rock I tried to move it but alas, I couldn’t.
    “hang on I’ll find Joey and then move the rock.”
    “okay.” She said sounding weaker. I went to find Joey and I did. “Joey come on .” I said.
    “k” he said. we got back to rock just in time and moved it.
    “Trisha are you okay?”
    “yeah where’s Nina ?”
    “we don’t know.” Joey and I said. then we all heard a horrible laugh.
    “now you are trapped with no where to go.” Nina said. I began climbing boulder after boulder until I was directly behind her being able to jump at her from there I did. Taking her down was the easy part but killing her was the hard part because she was stronger then a normal vampire. She then grabbed my throat.
    “Sam, Sam, Sam. You don’t get it do you. I am going to destroy you no matter what you do.
    “no you won’t” Trisha said attacking Nina. It was now an even fight two werewolves and a vampire against a abnormal vampire. She took out Joey with no problem but she did not just take him out she killed him now I was angry. I was now full wolf I attacked her using full force and she was down and I was ready to kill her but something was telling me not to.
    “I can’t do it. I can’t kill some one who was once my friend.”
    “Sam, I understand.” Trisha said. I saw the fire in her I eyes. I knew what it meant but I knew she wouldn’t do it. I relapsed Nina from the death grip. She then rose above and she shot down at Trisha like a dart. However, I was there to stop her. I absorbed most of the impact. It almost killed me but luckily, Trisha was there to save me. After two hours in that cave, no help arrived yet. However, I was healthy again.
    “let’s go”
    “how there’s no way out”
    “says who.” I said. I started to move stones until there was a big enough opening to get out. Trisha went first. I went back to grab Joey’s body when I picked him up I heard him groan. I then rushed out of the cave with Joey in my arms.
    “Trisha, he’s still alive.”
    “he is?”
    “yeah let’s get him to a hospital.” I said.
    “how?” Trisha asked.
    “get on my back and hold on to Joey.” I said turning into a wolf.
    “Sam I don’t think you are fast enough to get there.”
    “trust me I am.” I said as I bolted off soon we were out of the woods (no pun intended).
    As we came closer to the hospital, I slowed down and changed back to human form. We ran in to the building.
    “how can I help you?” the nurse said.
    “our friend here got mauled by a ….” I couldn’t think straight.
    “a wolf.” Trisha said.
    “ohh my let me take him to the emergency room right away you two just wait here.” The nurse said getting a stretcher. Therefore, Trisha and I waited. It felt like forever before the doctor came out of the room.
    “your friend is going to be okay. But he won’t be awake for another three hours.”
    “can we go see him though?” I asked
    “yes you can.”
    “Sam it you?”
    “yeah it is buddy an Trisha is here to.”
    “you guys are great friends.”
    “Joey I should have never asked you to come with us.”
    “dude without me you wouldn’t have known what Nina was going to do.”
    “yeah I guess your right.”
    “what did happen to Nina?”
    “the little ******** got away.”
    “don’t worry about her as long as we are safe” Trisha said.
    Over the next six months are secret leaked out. All of our friends now know what we are and what we did. There has still been no sign of Nina yet. However, as we swore we will find her and kill her. Over the next few month Sam, Joey, and Trisha found Nina and finally killed her. Trisha is now safe. We decided to try to live normal lives.
    Joey now has fully recovered and is back doing what he loves playing hockey.
    Trisha is now living a normal life or as normal as you can get if you’re a vampire .
    In addition, me well let’s just say that being a werewolf have its advantages. Like being the most popular kid in school. However, Joey, Trisha and I are still best friends and still the best vampire werewolf team.