• Raix
    Looks like:Blonde hair gray eyes and dreses in uniform like others.
    Likes:Food and Justice.
    Dislikes razz ain and Sakoru Yuko
    Weapon:Key blade

    Sakoru Yuko
    Looks like a dark elf with long spikey green hair.He wares a cape and uniform to simbolize he rebelled.
    Likes:Hating people,Darkness,and blood
    Dislikes:Raix,Orion,and hope
    Weapons:He mainly uses the last Zanpakto and the No.2 choice is a dark key blade!

    Orion Zuko Phinox
    Looks like:I seirous hard working brown haired brown eyed women
    Like:Hope,Food,and flowers
    Dislikes:Fighting,Pain,and Darkness
    Weapon: a powerful sword that can take any apearance.

    Saix and Axel both ware what Raix wares but still are quite the same.