• Baily was walking home to be greeted by whom?No one,she was walking back from her mothers funral.The reason her mother died no one really knows,but all that matters to baily is the fact that her mother is gone and she is now alone in the world. She had no family everyone was gone,dead.
    "Baily" came a soft voice from behind the redhead,she quickly turend at the sound of her voice to be greeted by her mothers cold figure.

    She ran up trying to grab ahold of the cold misty figure,but as soon as she touched it the figure faded leaving baily alone in the cold snow.Dropping to her nee's baily cryed harded than ever.It did not matter how cold it was at the moment or that she was slowly being coverd in a white blanket of snow,she missed her mother to much to really care.

    After what seemed like hours of crying Baily ran out of tears,she felt like going home if she could the snow had made it hard for her to move,she was frozen in place.Her body was trembleingin the cold snow,her fingertips and lips had turend a dark blue color.she was not able to move nor speak 'im going to die here' she thoughtover and over trying to smile she thought 'i will be with my family again if i do' just that thought alone made her want to die.

    she managed to force a smile grow on her frozen lipsdespite how much it hurt.today turend out not to be that badshe was going to be with her family again,oh how she longed to be around everyone again.She hurt so much yet she was so happy at the moment.

    at this point it was hard for baily to breath the frozen air,Baily only weezed when she was trying to breath.Baily had become compleatly numband her eyelids had also turend a dark blue color.she tryed to breath once again but thiis time she got no air.She felt her heart stop,she was finally dieing despite the pain it took she was happy.

    soon after her heart stoped she blacked out her soul left her bodyleaveing an empty shell behind.
    she slowly walked towrd a vey bright white lightthat beckoned her. as she was walking she thought of her family her mother,father,brother,grandmother, everyone she would see them all again steping into the light she smiled