• The music pours in from every direction, surrounding me, pressing on me, holding me, dancing with my soul. Yes, piroette, spin around, close your eyes. Listen to me play, listen to me sing, let me lead you on this ride through my mind. See the pictures as they pass by, memories that are not yours, freely given by a strangers hand. Drop the change in the tin can, "penny for your thoughts?"


    Coins tap, you walk away. He gives you a pleasant nod but continues to play. Look long enough and everyone will show their true selves in the mirror of your eyes, the trick, my friend, is that you too must give yourself away. Trust, love -- This is where they begin. Fear, shame -- This is where they end. Watch the tears fill her eyes, watch you reflect her back, watch her watch herself, watch her collapse. Give her a hand, pick her back up. If only, if only, if only this happened every day. If only every moment you could look yourself in the eyes, see the truth you can't find hidden beneath bushes and vines. I'll clear the debris away, I'll make that path you've been trying to find, just follow me now, I'll be your guide. Trust me? Take my hand. Love me? Take them both.

    Now let's try, just this once. To not mind if we don't find what we think we're looking to find. How about? Me and you, just wander this world like two long lost friends... And if we should ever lose our way, if we should ever separate. Just know, dear friend, we will find each other again. It may not be here, no... It may not be there... But, in truth, my love, I see you everywhere.