• Skyler is a little boy, he loves to sew but he is picked on by every boy in his school for it. His mother is single and she does every thing she can for Skyler. Skyler's mother was wealthy so she gave little Skyler a drawing room, play room and of course a bedroom.
    One day on a saturday he was in his drawing room listining to his ballerina music box when he heard a knocking at the door he got up went down stairs and anwered the door because his mom was bussy cooking dinner as usually at the door was one of the many bullys from his school Skyler asked What is it? The boy said I'd like to apologize, unfortunately Skylers mother was listening she yelled from the kitchen Skyler why don't you and your new friend go up stairs and play Skyler didn't want this boy to even enter thier home so he tried telling his mom that they should not welcome kids in to thier home so suddenly but he only got to saying but mom before he got cut of by his she said go on, go play with your new friend. Skyler's mom always wanted Skyler to play with someone more then he himself did, the boy entered thier home and then stuck out his toung at Skyler. Skyler ignored that the boy had stuck his toung at him and showed him to the play room.
    The play room was the only room he didn't mind showing him. The boy picked up one of teddy bears and tore off the head and smiled, Skyler did not really care much about the toys but he knew that tearing them apart was the wrong thing to do he said please stop, that is our property the boy just smiled wider and he said what's wrong do you need your teddy bear to go to sleep? Skyler stayed calm and said weather or not I like that teddy bear you have no right to tear it in half the boy laughed and ran out of the room to distroy more stuff Skyler was horrified when the boy ran out of the room he fastly walked to the drawing room were the boy had ran but little Skyler was to late one of a kind ballerina music box was on the ground in pieces Skyler suddenly showed his athletic side and grabbed the boys arms before he could say any thing Skyler dragged the boy back into the play room while dragging the boy he yelled tag your it so that his mother would not get woried about the boys screams and the once he reached the play room he grabbed four pairs of the toy hand cuffs and hand cuffed the boy to a table and knocks the boy out he undressed the boy and redressed him into a ballerina costume and put the boys clothes onto a life size action figure that his mom bouhgt him, he put the unconscious boy into his closet and tied him up in a way that the boy was being forced to be in the pose that the music box ballerina was in and it was
    Everyone asumed that the boy had just lost his way home because everyone thought Skyler could never do something like that.