• I've been having these dreams.. there not normal. I'm in this grey field, Theres one tree there it is chainned to the ground and there are no leaves on it only hearts? Then theres a castle.. This castle isn't like the storys you hear about in fairy tales. Its black, and it looks old. The first dream I had about this place was when I was 5. The castle looked new had a great struckture now it doesn't that place got older and older as I got older.

    Chapter one- Meeting Midnight.

    "Oliver!!! Wait up man!" Says Violet, She catches up to me. "Dude you look so Bleh today its our first day of high school cheer up!" "Violet i'm really not looking forward to school.. My first class is Bio with Mr.Trek" I replied. "Well you should smile once in awhile yeah he's an a*****e but you got me and your other friends!" She smiled. "What other friends? Your my only friend everyone else thinks i'm a freak.. Cause of what happened in math last year.." I said. "Sorry.. What happened i'm not trying to be mean but you were sleeping and then you woke up and blood was coming down your arm.." "I told you I stabbed my arm on the desk there was a pencil sticking up.. It was an accident" (Of course I was lieing what happened was I was trying to pull the chain off that tree, The branch wung and cut my arm.. Its like it had a mind of its own..) We got to school and of course Violet went to talk with her other friends sense she wasn't home all summer, People just stared at me and whispered saying to eachother "Thats the kid who tryed to kill himself.." Or "Thats the emo freak" (I'm not emo or depressed or anything I just dress in black and don't like people) I got up to Mr.Treks class early, I sat in back wishing kids won't talk to me. I started to doze off (I stayed up last night getting my mom ready for bed and cleanning the house cause she was drunk) I fell asleep... I opened my eyes I am laying under that tree.. "Oh great i'm supose to be in school and i'm here -.-" I got up and was looking at the tree (Why are there hearts up there? I was scared to take one down) I sucked it up and took one of the hearts down. I wasn't bloody it was a beatless lifeless heart.. I heard a voice in my head You have to eat it.. Go ahead go on "WHAT DO YOU WANT!" Fallow what I say and you'll end up knowing why your here" I looked at the heart and closed my eyes and bit it.. It wasn't bad. I ate the heart. I opened my eyes and I was in class. (What the hell!?)