• Once upon a time everybody died, but that my friends was only the begining. We will begin our sad tradgety soon, I just want to make sure you all know this. I need to make sure I know this. I am not dead. I am not one of them...Yet. I am human. I wil live to see the end of this! Why? Because I refuse to die.

    This is to log my days in a world where there is no on else. A world where I believe I am the only one left. So begins the tale of how the world ended. Not just the world, but how everything ceased to exist...

    Day1, Week 1
    This can't be happening! i w-w-was attacked by some psycho killer. He came out of no where... No, This isn't going to be one of those. I'm not gonna lie to myself. This record is for me nobody else. If I die then I don't care what happens to this book. it wasn't a psycho killer. It wasn't even human. It was a demon. I thought by running away from the underworld and coming here I could stop the destruction of all these people, but I was wrong. It only made them want to kill them more. Forgive me Dante for leaving, but I will not be the one to cause the deaths of all these mortals no matter what you say they did to you way back when. The demon who attacked me was largly unknown. I didn't even know who he was. All I know was that he had a message for me. That message I hold in my hands now. I have read it over and over again. "Death to the mortals. Death to all who stand in the way. Death to you my dear Raven." The message swirls through my head even as I write this. This is the first day in hell. Demons are loose in the streets of the world. Not just around me, but everywhere.