• "Aren't you coming to lunch?" I ask my girlfriend Kaitlyn. Her emerald green eyes look up at me from the mess of papers on her desk.
    "Can't Jared." she replies. "I've gotta finish filling out these college apps." I sigh.
    "How many do you need to apply for?"
    "You know my grades aren't the best in the world. I just want to make sure I get into one." I walk over to her and place a kiss on her forehead.
    "Well, if you get done, come find me. Okay?" She nods. I begin to walk away, but stop when she says, "You know I love you more than anything, right Jared?" I turn around, a puzzled look on my face.
    "Yeah," I reply. "Why do you ask?" She walks over to me and throws her arms around her neck.
    "I just wanted to make sure you knew." she whispers. I bring my arms around her waist and hold her as close as possible.
    Her eyes meet mine and I see something in them. Regret? Guilt? But I forget when she presses her warm, soft lips to mine.
    The kiss seems to last an eternity. It was the kind of kiss you see in a chick flick.
    As she pulls away, I begin to miss her even though she's right in front of me. She's seemed so distand today, but I've been ignoring it.
    "I've got to get going angel." I say. She sighs and gives me a sad smile.
    "Bye baby." she says. I kiss her on the cheek and jog out the door to catch up with my buddies.
    I stare at the doors the entire time I'm in the lunchroom, hoping she'll come through them. But she never does.
    About mid-way through lunch, I get the feeling that something's not right.
    "Dude, chill out." my friend Ian says. "You're just being paranoid. She's fine." I keep my mouth shut the rest of lunch, but as soon as the bell rings, I run up to the classroom.
    I get to the doorway and stop, unable to form words to react to the macabre scene beofre me.
    Her emerald eyes are covered with dust, and all color has fled from her cheeks. Her blood stains the desk, the floor, and the scalpel in her hand like liquid rubies.
    A strangled "No." crawls its way out of my throat before I find the air to scream.
    Footsteps echo down the hall and people find me cradling her corpse in my arms as sobs shake my body. Screams come from the doorway and kids begin pulling out their phones to call 911.
    I feel someone try to pull me away and I swing blindly, finally punching them in the chest.
    "Why angel? Why?" I whisper as I stroke her hair. I place a kiss on her forehead and hold her tight.
    My eyes land on the scalpel and I pick it up with a shakey hand. I turn it over a couple of times and Ian is the first one who realizes what I want to do.
    "Jared, you don't want to do this. It's gonna be okay."
    "Yes I do!" I shout. "I can't live without her. She was my angel...." my voice fades to a barely audible whisper.
    I press the cool blade of the scalpel to my throat, ready to join Kaitlyn. My tears fall faster and my sobs get louder until everything goes black.