• Where am I came the question which was not uttered. A door. From my left was a door. Within the black room, there was a door. Going to it, I opened it and peered inside. What I saw, I didn't quite understood, pirates. On an ongoing wave, those multiple boats sailed, as the crews cheered at what they found in front of them. A giant white screen. On it was a rated R movie. (never heard the joke before).

    Closing the door behind me, I moved to my right. I was in a restroom. To my left, which I probably saw before opening the door were a bunch of sinks. In front of me were tiled floors which lead to another room. As I walked to it, it expanded forward. All of a sudden, I had a sickening feeling and began running. Behind me was her. Her body gave off a foul older, and the face of the beast was of an appalling nature. Big and pudgy, she stomped and chased after me with that veiny body of hers(this was a special ed girl that nobody likes being in line with, as she had...well. Yeah). I was almost there. It was my only means of escape. She was a girl. They're not suppose to go within the boy's bathroom. It said it was by the little person on it.

    With both feet, I jumped forward. Bursting through the door, I hurriedly shut it back, as I felt the force of her body hit against it. The door became locked, and it was gone. I think. Forward, to my left were the sinks and mirrors. Onward to my right was some kind of tub. Walking to it, I leaned forward to see what was in it. I don't know how, but...I got pushed. I couldn't swim. I don't know how. As I fell in, sharks appeared to eat me, and I began to splash in a frenzy. All around me were sharks, but closer to me were bugs. Lady bugs. Their backs were hunched, and so, I did the same. Butt high, I began to doggy paddle, when suddenly, my foot hit the lever on the hot tub; it read whirlpool(I didn't know there was a hot tub company with that name)

    A whirl pool appeared in the middle as I began to get sucked in. THe tub got bigger, as I was sent down the drain. Drains and pipes(like in the cartoons) were rigged poorly with leaks as I was sent within the basement. There was an old rumor that spread around. Of a pair of skeletons that were left there. A pirates gold. I found myself standing somewhere within there. It was the broiler room. There were two skeletons. They were on some kind of rig that made them look like mannequins for a store. One was in a pirate uniform. The other was a nurse. Walking to the pirate, I began to whistle a happy tune as I took his hat, put it on and left, but the focus didn't. Everything stayed on the skeletons. Their eyesockets began to light up with an inner green light, as the view of them twisted and laughter filled the air. Then, in a sloppy handwritten words it said "To be continued?"