• Once upon a time of peace (and boredem for most elvin kids), in a far away land called Elesmera, there was a family of elves- a young girl named Aflawn, her mother, whose name is Alakon, and her grandmother, who's called Disakes. Alakon had just taken Aflawn home from training to dinner. As soon as they had finished dinner, Aflawn went to visit her friend, Arya. "Im bored. Im gonna go visit Arya," she hollerd.
    "Just be back before dark!" her mom responded. So Aflawn set out at 60 mph
    to visit Arya. But at about the half-way point- trouble. Mutiple oddly shaped fireballs steaked across the sky while one or two of them crashed.
    "Those ain't no meteors..." she whispered to hereself.