• Chapter 1 Her new school

    "Ugh" Said Jenna struggling to get past the kids in the lunch room.She had just started a new middle school in Long Beach Virginia because her dad had just changed jobs."I can't stand it here!" She told herself. Then,she remembered what her dad said "Just TRY honey and I know you'll get it."Then his nice smile showed across his face in her mind.Even though she loved her mom her dad moved on faster than anything.He was now in love with this girl named Monica. Jenna hated Monica she knew she just loved him for their money.She acted like she knew what Jenna was going through "Aww baby, I know what you were going through my parents were divorced too." That made her angry! Her mom haden't divorced her dad.She died! Then she started to cry.Right there. In the lunch room. Her new friend Kim said "Jenna whats wrong?" Jenna noticed she was crying."Oh, I'm so sorry I just..." She trailed off."Jenna?"Said Kim"Jen? JENNA!" Jenna snapped out of it."Oh my gosh I'm sorry I just hate my dad's girlfriend she upsets me so much."Said Jenna "It's ok" Kim said with a smile.She always would smile and that was her best quality to Jenna. After eating lunch she had math. Math She told herself. I hate Math She hated everything right now.Especialy Monica that was the worst.
    When Jenna got home she saw the mail. There was something different about the mail. It was the kind that her dad had to check S for single or M for married.He had M checked. Oh no. Thought Jenna No. Please God no! "Hey kiddo!" Said her dad "Hey, Um..Dad did you check the M on that check?" She asked "Yeah isn't that great? Monica and I are getting married!" Said her dad. Jenna had her mouth dropped open.Then she ran up the steps into her room and cried.
    The next day at school Kim asked "hey Jen what are you so upset about today? You look a little down." "Just the fact that my dad and Monica are getting married" Said Jenna "NO!" Said Kim "He's marrying the gold digger?" Said Kim. She looked so surprised that you could throw a brick at her and she wouldn't notice."Yeah I'm really mad about it too." Said Jenna "I just wanna get this thing throught and have him notice and divorce her." Jenna said "I would too trust me."Said Kim. They had lunch and talked about it the whole time

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