• now she knew what to expect she should've been calm about it, but strangely she felt tense.
    Because it WAS happening NOW, and if she called for help no one could hear her.. Her suspision was granted when Riju said "don't try and scream sally, no one will here you!" his voice was bitter sweet as if he was caressing her, yet hoping she didn't feel safe.
    And it was working, Sally suddenly squirmed in her chair as she realised, that voice she'd heard heading over to Shido was him, it was Riju. He was coaxing her to come. Turning round in her chair she shouted "that was YOU wasn't it you, you, you sycopath!" a sickly sweet laugh came then, followed by a bitter flow of words "Yes it was me sally, why if you knew that did you come in the first place. Are you stupid?"
    Sally smiled, as she thought of something funny to say but was stopped when he slapped her round the face with his ice cold slithery hands, making her moan with agony. The slap was followed by a shout "TELL ME SALLY... ARE- YOU -STU-PID " of pure range, making sally's hart jump.
    "No I'm not Riju, but I guess YOU are" she said almost smiling. This made Riju quake with rage. She could've heard a pin drop as he shook her chair with an iron fist. Suddenly and surpisingly she heard his high pitched laugh.
    and saw the most amazing thing.
    She actually saw his face, he stood, tall and crooked in front of her. His face was actually rather handsome, his big brown eyes hinted at a cold heart but were actually quite sexy. he had a little black goatie that purched on his chin and his hair, oh his hair, it was short scruffy and sleeked back. If you'd ask her she'd say she was quite ashamedly attracted to him...

    to be continued