• "The pool this time?" Himeko asked. Jing nodded "They opened up this really cool pool. It has this huge water slide, and the pool is soooo huge! I swear this place is awesome!" Jing said excitedly. "It sounds so cool!" Cruz said. "It is! Me and Jing went there to scope the place out! It's amazing!" Rei exclaimed. "Well, than when should we go?" I asked. "Tomarrow, duh!" Himeko said. "But, what about homework?" Cruz asked. "We'll do it later!" Jing said. I sighed "We did the same thing last year and we all eneded up staying up so late on the last day, we passed out in the middle of class." I said. "So, we'll do it earlier than that!" Himeko and Jing persisted. "okay, but we all have to promise that next week we start on it, no matter what people say it's not cool it conk out in the middle of class. Really, I had a bird from the window making a nest on my head." I sighed. They all started cracking up. I blushed "It's not funny!" I nearly yelled. Suddenly, there was a bird on my head. "Are you kidding me?!" I yelled. "Oh, sorry." That was, no it couldn't be, but it was...Yoichi! "Sayomi?" he asked as he picked the bird off my head. "What are doing here?" I asked. "Getting her." Yoichi said holding up the small dove. "A dove is the symbol of love!" Rei suddenly said. "Don't you think there's a reason it landed on Sayomi's head and Yoichi was the one following it?" Himeko grinned. I blushed "You-you two are insane!" I said. "Maybe not." Yoichi said. "Shut-!" I didn't get to finish, as I turned to face Yoichi completely, he planted his lips firmly onto mine. He seperated our lips, and flipped my skirt up! I quickly put it back down, but Yoichi had already run away. "Get back here!!!" I yelled and ran after him. He started taking shortcuts, up on walls, through alley ways, you'd have to be a cat to be able to get through those places. But, strangly, me and Yoichi managed just fine. I was able to tackle him to the floor when we reached the park. Not many people were around, it was almost deserted. "I'm going to kill you!!!" I yelled. He didn't say anything, just flipped up my skirt again. "You perverted little-!" I almost punched him, but he caught my fist and pulled me into him. "Ah! I didn't think you'd be able to follow me!" he said, almost impressed. "Shut up, you pervert!" I yelled. He grinned and just kissed me again. "Where's the dove?" I asked against his lips, it was all I could think of to say. Geuss what? It was sitting on both our heads. "This just keeps getting weirder and weirder." I sighed. "Tell me about it." Yoichi said, but was still grinning. "You're still a pervert." I said seriously. "And you're still a hottie, what else is new?" he said. "What is wrong with you? Isn't there some other girl you like to bother?" I asked. Our foreheads were still touching so as the dove wouldn't fall. "I don't want to!" he said, still smiling. "You're gunna kill me!" I complained. "That's not really what I aim for." Yoichi said, smirking only a bit now. "Huh?" I asked, confused now. "Let's just say there's a reason Neechee liked only you." Yoichi said. But, than he reached his hand up and put it on my- "YOU PERVERT!!!!!!!!" I roared. He quickly got the bird, got up and ran. I ran after him. "Get back here!!!!!" I shouted. "Nah! I don't feel like dying today!" he shouted back, and with that, he was gone, just gone.

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