• Love.Friendship.Death.

    If the person dies that you love, or liked in the way of a friend, you'll suffer.
    But it is in the suffering you find that it just makes you love them more.
    It can't all be stopped,
    it's a circle of the devil,
    there is no way to escape...
    No, you can not escape.
    You have been caught by your own feelings,
    It's your constant love, you cant stop love nor suffering.
    But even then its not nonsense,
    that feeling..........
    It's as important as the air we all breathe
    You can't live without it.
    And still you know, that it can destroy you, that it WILL destroy you.

    But it's impossible to stop

    The three things that can build you up, and tear you apart all over again.
    But we'd never be the say without it. cry