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    Since the dawn of mankind, mortals have believed in a higher power. When man had its first conflict in 1194B.C., A new divinity was born.
    In the well-known city of Troy, the ground shook with life. On one side of the battlefield, the Trojans stood valiant and brave. Upon the other, the Greeks aligned themselves with determined stances. Weapons plummeted into the dirt. Screams of vigorus men echoed across the skyline. The Trojan War had arisen. Unseen between the two tribes, a young woman's hands burst through the dirt. Covered in filth beside her was a mask. She gently pulled herself up and attempted to marvel at her surroundings. Sadly, she lacked the eyes to see. Only black emptiness occupied her sockets. To make up for this, she could see with emotion and feeling. She could sense the anger and hatred - and perhaps even hope - within the tenacious soldiers. She called herself Synkinsi Amara.
    1348A.D. Marseilles, Europe. The sky was grey and scorched in black smoke. All was quiet - only repercussions of children's tears were flowing in the wind. Synkinsi explored the barren town that once had bustled with life. Fog drenched the air floating just above the calmed sea. Fear was close by, and rather apparent. In the act of pure curiosity, Synkinsi jumped toward the source of such pronounced unease to find ears to some sort of bunny-like creature. It tilted its head, black eyes sparkling with confusion and dismay. Upon contact with this mysterious creature she suddenly could see through his eyes, and he could feel the way that she did. She decided to name him Angeliforos, because of his ability to move among the mortals easily and entrance them with his unique form.
    1995A.D. Kobe, Japan. Bodies were scattered across the landscape. All was vacant of life. The horizon was yellowed with dust, strewen into the air by the devastating earthquake. Only the ruins of a once beautiful city remained. Hanishin, The Great Earthquake had occured. Now it lightly rained, a sign that she had failed once more. Synkinsi - stricken by guilt and pain - glanced to Angeliforos. They would encounter the gods today, and harness her powers as well. Then she would prove that she deserved a throne upon Mount Olympus. Apart from the terrible scars, countless sins, no eyes, and a devious attitude, she was no less than any other god. Her heart ached for something better. She knelt to the ground, and began to summon Aphrodite, her only hope for a broader spectrum of emotions. Synkinski reached into her leather scatchel, and removed a small mirror she'd retrived from a long forgotten ship in 1912 - a long forgotten date. It was adorned with flowers and ribbons. A scallop shell was the next item she'd retrived from her scatchel. The shell was from a hurricane, known as 'Able' in 1951. The next object she grasped was a red plump fruit with a golden leaf. From her immortality, she'd never had the use for an apple, but Angeliforos had to eat once a month. She'd picked it from Medusa's garden, from just another forsaken time. It would never rot. As for the last emblem to complete the ceremony, she placed Angeliforos in the center of the other items. Goddess or no, Synkinsi couldn't catch a dove as quickly as one would think. Then she began to speak - something she did rarely.
    "Afrodíti̱ , i̱ Afrodíti̱ , kaló̱ eis esás . Si̱kó̱ste mou na ouranoús sas . Máthe me tous trópous sas."
    ["Venus, Aphrodite, I call to you. Lift me to your heaven. Teach me your ways."]
    Synkinsi chanted over and over, completing the summoning. At that moment, the heavens opened up and lay the godess to face Synkinsi. Her velvety blonde hair trickled across her back. White sashes rested across her arms and waist. A baby blue gown with one strap hung lazily until it had reached her bare feet. At the moment Synkinsi began to introduce herself, Aphrodite inturupted.
    "We know you, Synkinsi. We've been watching you for centuries. You have done well. Come. I shall take you to Olympus. I will indeed teach you my ways of love. Perhaps Zeus believes you are ready, yet."
    Synkinsi and Aphrodite became close friends throughout her lessons. Synkinsi found out how to properly conduct her powers to stretch across a wide range of different emotions. She now knew what love was, how it worked, and how to create it. One morning Aphrodite confronted her on this. "Synkinsi, I have taught you well, have I not?" Aphrodite spoke. Synkinsi looked at her questioningly. "Do not think wrong of yourself, Aphrodite. There are many things that you nor I know. We cannot teach what is unknown to us. We cannot teach peace. We cannot teach tranquility. But that isn't what matters. What both you and I can share with others now... is the feeling of friendship." Angeliforos crawled onto Synkinsi's shoulder with jealousy. Aphrodite and Synkinsi exchanged smiles. "Syni," Aphrodite began. "You are ready." With that, the earth shook. Feilds of grass grew over the rubble where the light from Mount Olympus shone. Clouds stretched apart. With thoughts of friendship and peace, Aphrodite and Synkinsi floated through the clouds and to the peak of Mount Olympus.
    The council hall was silent with indecision. After a moment or two, Zeus peered at Synkinsi and Aphrodite sympathetically. "There's just no room. I am sorry." The words were like cruel knives, stabbing and sticking into every inch of Sinkinsi's body. She quietly dropped her head in dissapointment. A hopeful voice stood from the crowd. It was Aphrodite. "What if one of the gods were to... depart? Then would my dearest friend be allowed to our residence?" Zeus nodded, and muttered something like 'I suppose' to Hera. Hera looked across toward Synkinsi in an annoyed manner. Aphrodite's head held low. "Then I shall be replaced. Synkinsi has been taught all I know." Dionysus laughed at her. "Aphi, you always try to look tough. Thinking that you're so brave, eh? Pathetic. And your friend... not much better!" Zues, Hermes, and Dionysus broke into uncontrolable laughter. Aphrodite glanced to Synkinsi, her head still hung toward the Earth. Suddenly, Synkinsi felt the emotion of something she'd known since her birth from Tartarus. A flashback renounced, of Troy. She was angry. Enraged, even. With the shreik of a harpie, Synkinsi dashed to Dionysus and grasped him by the neck and lifted him from his throne effortlessly. Her black and empty eyes now glowed of a faint blue.
    "Téras! Na ekdio̱chthoún apó ti̱ zo̱í̱ me zí̱lo!"
    [Monster! Be banished from life with ardor!]
    The very ground trembled and shook as a purifying azure and violet light surrounded them. The gods and godesses shook with amazement. Synkinski spoke. "May Dionysus never feel again. His being now lacks emotion. An Iremo, he has become. I am not to be toyed with! Nor are my companions - Aphrodite, and Angeliforos." Hermes glanced in the direction of the newly changed Dionysus and shrugged. "Shame." He spoke. Hestia and Apollo were frozen in faces expressing the first emotion she'd brought to the godly promised land. Reverence. Hestia shook her head. "The family is now broken." She walked off murmuring to herself on what she could've done to stop this. Hera laughed, though it was very sinister. "Ah ha ha ha, Zeus, Darling... Perhaps I mean more to you now." Zeus was struck with anger and defeat. Demeter broke into dramatic tears. "No hope! No hope!" Poseidon, Ares, and Hephatumus were smiling with pleasure. "So..." Ares spoke, spitting pure smoke from his mouth. "It appears I have a new slave! Hah! Come, Dionysus." Dionysus cluelessly followed, a small droplet of drool forming in the corner of his mouth. Hades and Athena spoke insync. "No fate could be worse than that." Artemis didn't spare a glance, and ripped open a small enough gash in the clouds. She was obviously bored with all this drama and 'magic tricks.' There would be no need to expel Aphrodite from the palace on Mount Olympus now.
    Over the mumbling crowd of gods and godesses, Aphrodite was smiling and crying tears of joy. "Synkinsi...you did this for me? I don't remember teaching anything like that." Synkinsi replied. "You didn't. It was something I'd learned from a forgotten place, in a forgotten time."