• Could I be the only one in the world to care
    Could I be the only one to give and leave
    I know there is hate
    There is a world out there
    I know i will falter
    I know that I am not ready
    I could be the only one to notice
    I could be the one to die
    I could be the one to tell a lie
    It is I that takes the world
    into his hands
    and know i am wrong
    I know there is nothing pure
    about me
    I know I am a mistake
    that I must correct
    I am the one who will change this
    I am a boy in a man's world
    I will grow
    to rule this world
    knowing it is not mine to have
    I will lie
    knowing it is the truth
    I will kill
    knowing it is me
    left hurt
    I will enter this world
    A mistake
    I will leave
    with an anwser
    that I know I will never know
    I will go into battle after battle
    with no fear
    If death comes
    I am here
    Would I be the one to stand
    against the tide
    I love this world
    and all who inhabit
    whether Im strong enough
    whether Im worth it
    It does not matter
    If I am a mistake
    then I must correct it
    If I am the only one in the world
    I will have peace
    If I am in hell
    I will have salvation
    If I care
    I care for all
    If I am wrong
    I will be there to correct it