• Susy lived in a small cabin,with her 2 sisters.Melody and Arizona.
    Every morning to family would have dinner,which father hunted for.
    Susy sniffed her favorite bacon and said "Where did this bacon come from?"
    Pa looked at her raised up her chin and said. "I got it from--"
    Mother didn't let him finish and snapped at him,she was only 7.
    Susy ate her bacon and wondered why it was such a secret where it came from.
    Mother looked around the table and everyone had finished dinner.Then she walked and whistled her favorite tunes and then washed the dishes in the buckets of water.
    Susy was eager to know where her bacon came from.But instead she forgot about it and went to wooden-square she called "Toy square" where she kept her toys and played in.Susy grabbed her favorite doll named "Lacy" and went to her little wardrobe filled with little outfits.
    One dress had little flowers prints that mother weaved in the dress.And one of the little winter hats had snowflakes covered on the hat,that was today's full outfit.Then she walked Lacy to her tiny dollhouse that had 3 rooms a kitchen for cooking,a storage room,and bed room full of wardrobe clothes.Suddenly Arizona and Melody walked in her two older sisters and shouted
    "Bacon comes from animals you little nat!" They often teased Susy alot,then Melody and Arizona skipped away like little irish dancers.Susy was upset that she had been eating animal meat.She walked up to her mother and said "I found out what makes meat!" in a cry "Animals...Oh poor animals!"