• I live in a world of dark dispair. All my friends leave me; the ones I trusted betrayed me. I try to start anew, but my plans never worked. Hope failed me, and I ended up a cold dark shell. I can trust no one, and I am my only friend. Even the lowlest means of life passme by, feeling I am lower than they. The one I trusted the most, however, caused me the worst damage.
    For, they lied to me, and I trusted them. They set me adrift in a world of lies, and I willing followed, being misguided. They are the one who set me astray, they led me over the edge. I was close to it before, but after they were through with me, they threw me over. They make me promises, little ones, true, but promises. They take it back, and throw it in my face. They have made me a twisted being, hardly human. A soulless monster, wanting to kill.
    If only they knew my pain, for it can not be described. I would only hope they would change their ways, but all my hope for the matter is lost. Everyone hates me, and I hate them back. That one person, you know who you are, will not change. Not now, not ever. So I live in darkness, and it consumes me.
    None shall listen to me, and none shall care. No one looks twice as a twisted human, a ghost of their former self. They do not care for such things. If only they cared, my story would be a different one.