• Amanda laid cold on the ally pavement almost dead. The ally reeked of garbage and was staind in a layer of filth. Used condoms and empty beer cans littered all the way down it. Her long brown hair was tangled and messy in a pool of her own blood. Her blue eyes bruised and fighting to stay open. Her body laid limped in too much pain to move. Her skirt was pushed up and her panties pulled down to her ankles. She was only 16 and was making her way back home from a friends house when some one jumped out of the ally and hit her in the head. She awoke to the masked man on top of her….inside her. She tried so hard to push him off but was to weak. He didn’t say a word just laughed with each failed attempted to wiggle herself free. She was able to scratch his face braking the skin. He slapped her in the face, hard. He finished and the girl was filled with so much emotion. Hatred, Sadness, self loathing, and disgust. He punched her in the face and continuously beat her for what seemed like hours. He spit on her and walked away with a satisfied smile on his face. The girl laid alone in the ally and began to accept her death. She cried thinking about all the people she was going to miss and feeling ashamed for the way she looked and didn’t want to be found like this. A bright light shined in her eyes and she knew then that this was it and she was ready for the after life.

    She awoke in the hospital and she saw her mothers face. Her mom was half asleep dozing off in a Hospital chair.
    “Mom..” she called in a weak voice.
    “My baby!” she exclaimed as she wrapped her arms around her.
    “Am I alive?” Amanda asked
    “Oh yes baby ,the police found you just in time. You have been out for a week!”
    “A week? Did they find him?”
    “Yes they did sweetheart. But….”
    “ But what mom?”
    “He cant go to jail.”
    “What! Why not?” Amanda screamed falling back in pain.
    “He was wrongfully prosecuted for a rape a few years ago. He was in jail for 15 years….”
    “What does that have to do with me?”
    “Its called double jeopardy….he cant go to jail he technically already served his time…”
    “That’s not fair! What about my safety!” Salty tears began to fill He bruised eyes. She was so afraid what if he were watching now. Waiting for her to be alone so he can kidnap her and do whatever he pleases.
    “Its okay.” The mother said reassuringly. “The police will tail you for awhile until its safe ag…..”
    “When will it ever be safe for me again? He is always going to be out there! I have no safety!” Tears busted out of her swollen eyes. The fear and hatred filled her once golden heart. She couldn’t stand the thought of always having to be on the look out for her rapist. For the man who took her soul. At that moment it clicked that if no one was going to protect her she had to protect herself.

    She stayed on the hospital for about a month. Secretly plotting ways to torture and kill the man she hated with everything. During her stay there the cops came and question her about the attack which she didn’t want to talk about at all. But she was forced to give up every embarrassing and humiliating detail. Recalling it all only made her hatred stronger. They also told her his name, Timothy McDougal. He was once a marine but was prosecuted for the rape of his sister. She was in a coma but when she awoke she told everyone who it was. Of course Tim was released after a month but was bitter and hostile for being locked up for so long. He decided to make someone pay, Amanda just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

    She was released after a month. Shortly after returning home she got an E-mail from him apologizing for hurting her. She knew it was some bullshit way the court decided was a good way for her to get over the “Hard feeling” she had. She quickly deleted it, not even reading the whole way through. Her hatred grew as did the dark cloud over her once shining soul. She was given his schedule in order to know where not to go during certain times and places to just all out avoid. “Perfect” She thought she could now plan out his horrid, and evil death. She examined the schedule and saw he worked near an abandoned dock. She Decided that would be the best time to attack him. She gathered all the supplies she needed and went to bed excited for the event that were about to take place.

    She awoke early and headed to the abandoned dock where she found and old building. She set up all her instruments of pain and waited. She saw him walk pass alone, with a slight happiness in his walk. That gave her enough fuel to silently tail behind him and whacked him in the head with the baseball bat.
    She dragged his unconscious body into a shower, stripped him of his clothing, and chained him to a wall.

    When the man awoke his body stung all over. He looked down at himself and noticed that he was covered in in hundreds of small cuts. He quickly looked around and soon realized he was in a shower and chained. He looked forward and saw a girl. The girl smiled happy to have finally been noticed. Then instantly he realized, it was the girl he raped.

    “Remember me?” Her words sharp and filled with hatred. “You took my soul, you caused me so much pain. Now you will fill the pain I felt.”
    “YOU CRAZY PSYCO b***h” Screamed Tim, who was terrified.
    Amanda walked over to a lever and pulled it. A liquid rushed out of the shower soaking Tim.
    “AHHHHHH” Tim screeched as the liquid crawled into every single scratch on his body.
    “Hurts doesn’t it?” Screamed Amanda “That’s what it felt like when you were inside of me, taking my soul.” Amanda watched in pleasure at his pain until he passed out. She turned off the shower and moved on to the next stage.

    Tim awoke again to the girl standing over him. He reached up and tried to grab her but his whole body was restricted. He couldn’t move and each time he tried to break free, The girl laughed happily.

    “That what I felt like when you were taking advantage of me, Holding me down and stealing my very soul.” Amanda screamed two inches from his face. She slapped him across the face and hit him with the bat.
    “Now you know what its like to be completely weak and hopeless” She screamed and continued to hit him.
    She then doused him in gasoline and lit a match.
    “This is what I feel like every single day” She dropped the match on his body and watched in delight as he busted into flames. But she had accidentally led a trail of gas back to where she was standing in safety and the flames engulfed her too.

    Never let revenge run your whole life. If the person you want to destroy really worth all that effort? Plus how is getting down to their level ever going to fix what they did to you.