• Chapter 1

    Bills Story

    Bill Nock was born on the 16th July. He was born in England. He grew up there normally. He learned to talk short sentences when he was 2 years old. And learned to walk when he was 3. By the time Bill had turned 5 he was able to talk in full sentences and he also learned how to write. Bills first year at school was lonely. But then Bill and his parents moved into California. Bill gained many friends there, there was Tim, Michael, James, Beck and others. Bill was happy in California. He grew up and upon his 14th birthday Bill had his first kiss. It was from a sweet girl named Beth Sue, Bill had a giant crush on her, even now Bill still remembers that day. When Bill was 16 he got lost in town once and was adopted temporarily into a street gang for 3 days. Then found Bill in an alleyway, he looked quite tough and as a good person to use whenever they picked fights. After 3 days though Bill did eventually return home, a bit confused and slightly more angry and hating. It barely did anything but whenever they put it on subject it would cause Bill to lash out and attack everyone around him. No one ever knew why, he even once threatened his own mother with a smashed wine bottle. He truly regrets it now and always will, even in death. When Bill became 17 he got his driving license, he was so pleased with himself he instantly started saving up for a better car than he had planned. on his 18th birthday Bill finally went through puberty. He stayed up in his room all day and never came down except for dinner, and even then he took it back up with him. School of course was more difficult he usually put his head down and got on with his work and at break and lunchtime he steered clear of everyone and kept everything to himself. When Bill turned 20 he was a mature young man and got a job as a bank manger, he was very skilled in did his job best. Though for another 12 years he was never promoted and almost gave up on himself too many times it almost made it seem like he did ages ago but he was always around. His work chums weren’t exactly friends nor enemies. Bill was lonely and became rather depressed. He wasn’t working well so they suspended him from his job till he was back to normal, but of course Bill could simply not be suspended because he actually left the bank at lunch brake and told his workmate Eve to spread word that he had quit, (if anybody cared). Bill lived on the street for 6 months living in washing machine box until Bills parents found out about Bill and took him back into their home. They cleaned him and fed him for another 8 years while he never talked about himself and just listened while occasionally nodding his head. When Bill was 40 he fled to Afghanistan. No one knows how but anyway Bill became a famous actor there and was like by many. But after 2 missed sniper shots on him Bill also left his acting job. Bill was now 48 after all his movies and theatrical plays. He grew to become 60 by living in a hut with an old Indian lady. But when Bill tripped over a rock and he fell on the shotgun the old lady kept for safety and shot her foot, well, he was kicked out of his latest home after the old lady had spent 3 weeks in hospital and then finally was let free. Bill then wandered the outside home desert until he died of starvation. Or so he thought…

    Chapter 2

    Ferio’s Adventure

    (The Escape)

    Once upon a time there was a simple kitty named ferio living in a mansion of pure delight and a garden that blossomed with beautiful flowers. But one day that kitty wanted to be so epic that people would be blinded by shear awesomeness when they saw him. But to do that he had to get out of this place, no matter how wonderful, he had a dream and he was going to fulfil it. So of he went out into the back garden to begin his journey. When he got to the edge of the garden there Standing a few meters away was the gigantic fence that was about roughly 25-30 feet tall compared to Ferio. So Ferio had to think up a way to climb over the fence, but it turned out he didn’t need to because he then noticed a small hole at the edge of the garden. Eventually he reached the destination and found that instead of going over the fence he could go under instead and escape, so he did. Ferio shaked himself awake and took a running start. He was 3 feet away when he started to run and he aimed straight for the hole and squeezed under just about through and then suddenly, POP! He’d made it out alive and well. The little kitten was so proud of himself he did a little dance, then eventually scampered away. Ferio was now free and ready to truly begin his journey. And so it turns out that the huge mansion actually neighboured a small private forest, but seeing as the kitten was the owners pet he decided that he was allowed in, and so he entered. But soon went in and found himself in the other private forest by accident that only dangerous animals went in. So the Ferio felt scared and alone, which sadly made him hide until night which is usually when all the extremely dangerous for a small kitten (and other tiny creatures) animals came out and Ferio’s first attacker was the crazy-eyed-owl. And basically the bird swooped down and started pecking at Ferio which was pretty painful especially when he ear almost got torn off. But luckily he soon started too realize he just needed to scratch the owl when it swooped over him and eventually after the 6th swipe Ferio killed the owl by scratching its under-belly and causing it to bleed to death. Just after a ferocious attack from the pure evil Crazy-Eyed-Owl. Ferio stole its nest in the great Bubaloo tree it fell sleep. The next morning the tired kitty was feeling a bit peckish so it ate the Crazy-eyed-owls crazy-eyed-babies which were still asleep. After a wonderful breakfast and a little rest, Ferio was back on the ground and back on the beaten path. Ferio walked for 20 minutes or so along until he eventually found a small drinking river. Ferio took a few sips until he realized he would have to cross the lake to carry on his adventure. After prowling around the shore for a little while Ferio soon found some stepping stones that would get him across the lake, and seeing there wasn’t much other options the kitten proceeded on to the first stone. Leap after Leap the courageous kitty was finally on to the 2nd last stone. The biggest jump yet looked like it was up next, so Ferio did as best a run up he could, jumped, and just about made it without a scratch. And then one more jump and Ferio was happily over safe and sound. The kitty took a few deep breaths then carried along again. And after a few meters Ferio arrived at a small hill which he climbed to the top of and looked over at a glorious and beautiful sunset which he stared at for a few seconds then once again carried along on his journey. Which ventured of into the city…

    (The Big city)

    Down at the bottom of the hill was a street that did a u-turn. Ferio walked cautiously across the pavement, UNTIL HE CAME ACROOS A ROAD. ferio had heard his master talk about these dangerous roads, but never before had he faced one in reality. even so though he had to keep going. So he made a run for it and had then made it across safe and sound. 3 or 4 more roads later when he arrived at another road which he had to cross. But because of what his owner had said to him when there was no one else to talk to, he said that he had a beautiful and sporty “car”, and he also said once that it got scratched the other day, which the kitten specifically remembered because obviously he could scratch, so if he saw one attack he would just scratch it. (which sadly wasn’t a very good idea). On his 4th road which was much more busier road than the first 3 which were had vast amounts of cars but this one seemed to have many, many more. So Ferio decided he’d have to come up with a genius plan, which while he was thinking he noticed an alley which seemed lead past the road and curved onto the other side, so problem solved. And off Ferio went into the alley, assuming there would be something deadly and dangerous here too. (seeing as everywhere in the outside world seemed to be for a small helpless kitten like himself). So the first thing he saw was some sort of group of humans crowding round together, like some sort of gang, and they didn’t look at all nice. So the kitten decided he had two options, either brave across the threatening road or take his chances in the alley. And so after some hard thinking he thought he’d just scramble past the gang, look straight ahead and don’t stop, besides they hopefully wouldn’t care too much about some stray kitty anyway would they? So yes, the choice was made and Ferio was ready. He was just thinking it through again but he still ended up with the same decision and he was perfectly sure. so he rushed down the bumpy path looking straight ahead, he was almost halfway when a loud clunk landed right next to him, it was a rock, he looked behind and the group were starting to chuck rocks at him, so Ferio was terribly frightened, Stunned for a while too but soon knocked himself out of it and ran full speed ahead. he was close to the corner when suddenly a huge rock smacked his tail really hard and “Yeooooow” screeched the hurting kitty, he rushed round the corner and instantly started trying to nurse his poor tail back to health. It had been crushed and deeply cut, he was bleeding, and it really did hurt. For Ferio never really had gotten himself into too much trouble so he never really had felt any pain before, but now he really knew how seriously horrible it could be, and he held his tail delicately trying not move it too much. He peeked around the corner and they were all just laughing away, “How cruel” Ferio thought. But even if he did think that it wouldn’t cause his injury to disappear. So instead he decided to go to a place were they could heal HIM AND GET HIM BACK IN HIS GAME, BUT SADLY THERE WERENT MANY PLACES LIKE THAT. He knew that were vets in city places, but he wasn’t sure because he heard some horrible things can happen in there. But even so, he had no one else or no place else to turn to, so he went off and looked for a vet…

    (The vet)

    So now onto the journey of the vet, Ferio was figuring out where it was. Seeing as this was very hard without a map or anyone to ask, Ferio found himself in a BIT OF A STICKY SITUATION. And his tail kept bleeding more and more. After hurrying up and down the pavement, Ferio soon noticed a huge building stocked with all kinds of shops. And so maybe he thought there might be a vet inside, besides once again he didn’t have much other choices. So he crossed the road once it was empty and ran along into the mall. Inside was filled with what seemed like hundreds of thousands of people, rushing around everywhere and getting on with what needed done. Quite typical too seeing as it was lunchtime, a time of shopping and lunch breaks. Which sadly made matters worse. To the left of Ferio was an escalator, a dangerous obstacle but he also noticed there was a small vet right at the top which he could just pop into, It was called “Vets “R” us”, bit of a copy too “toys “r” us” but hey, no time to discuss that, he also noticed a ramp for disabled people. (Which thankfully there weren’t many disabled people around). Which he could glide perfectly up but then have to take a long way around, but he had no time to think Ferio felt as if he were about to faint, so he decided the escalator was the best choice, for he would surely be dead before he even got halfway around the long path, so he charged at the escalator, leaped at an opening an tried to dodge any feet attacks as possible, besides, being crushed wasn’t how Ferio imagined he would die. Eventually he reached the top gasping for breath, but there was no time to rest so he kept on moving. He quickly dodged out of everyone’s way and before he knew had made it into the vets. He crawled and whimpered up to the lady at the desk and she took urgent pity and grief. She picked Ferio up and took him threw some double doors, he was in some sort of room where lots of people sat in chairs with animals. Some looked fine and others looked… well… never mind. As he was taken through some more double doors he was now in some sort of lab, where the air smelt funny. He was layed on a table and then they put a mask on him, then instantly he was fast asleep. Ferio woke up, in a cage, he looked out and saw other animals, cats, dogs, birds, turtles and so on. His injury had a bandage on it and he felt perfectly fine, a little tired but that was probably normal because he just woke up. Although his injury must’ve been worse than he thought if they put him to sleep right away so he didn’t feel anything, plus he’d been taken right past all the other animals. Did the lady at the desk really feel so sorry, maybe she was soft hearted. Ferio was left in his cage like all the others. Until a few hours later he was let out and fed, but Ferio was also quite thirsty so he snatched a vets Rev Bull can with his teeth and glugged it down. Instantly he felt better than ever. A window magically opened to his right, which he then flew out of and back all the way into the forest where a rainbow had set, he then sank into the rainbow, and Ferio was never too be seen again.

    Chapter 3

    What once Happened at Tesco’s

    Bill was at Tesco‘s. He was feeling very down in the blue. And because Bill had watched such psychotic things on television as a baby, He came up with a devilish idea. He was going to kill everyone so they knew that life was precious. He’d got the idea from watching Saw 1,2,3, and 4. He started in the video section. He pulled a medieval machete and lunged at a poor elderly man buying CoD 7: Black ops with a beaming face of glee. The old man suddenly turned around and started throwing teddy bears at him 1000 a minute. Bill was soon crushed into pancake and left there. “You young whippersnappers” he said walking away. 3 years later Bill had finally found his way out of the teddy bear horror and back into the open world. His clothes were torn but Bill gave a smile and jumped out onto the car park. For that seemed to be the edge of the teddy bear jungle. The front entrance was bombarded with stuffed bears so Bill went round the side of the building and mined his way into the side of the wall. On the other side once Bill had finished, he saw a fat butcher who turned and looked at Bill. After realizing who each other were the butchers face turned red and steam poured of his ears, his ears grew pointy, his body turned to old rusty bronze, his teeth turned sharp and he grew furry legs. Bill started to run but there wasn’t enough time, The obese mutated butcher had already pulled a midget out his nose and threw at him. Bill fell to the ground and smacked his chin on the ground, it started bleeding. Evil butcher man the pick up a small 5 year old child and started beating Bill with him. Bill started crying but then decided to pull a TV out of his mouth and start beating the evil butcher with it. Soon the butcher, Bill, and the small child started barfing all over the parking lot. Suddenly an evil flew down from the heavens and cast a spell on them. Now the evil butcher, Bill, and the small child were barfing, nose bleeding, wetting themselves and pooping their pants all over the parking lot and everyone’s cars. Most people wanted yell and scream and use violence against them. But they all had to stay away because of all the mess and they couldn’t yell because the three boys were miles away and also because they were a bit busy if you know what I mean. After 2 days and three nights they literally could not do anything anymore. Soon an alarm clock rung after they’d all finished their experience of hell and the witch came back. Soon after she left the butcher and Bill (not the child, he was sent to military school for public property vandalizing) knew that they would never forget her words to why they were punished. I quote, “Should’ve gone too Specsavers shouldn’t ya!!!” (she then did an evil witch laugh and went on her way).
    The End?

    Chapter 4

    The Green Beans In My Head

    “What are you doing?” asked green bean 1. “Yea what are you doing?” asked green bean 2. “There is two of us” said green bean 1. “What do you want with us” said green bean 1. “Tell us” said green bean 2. “Your stupid” said green bean 1 and 2. “Do something” said green bean 1. “plaster” said green bean 1. Kitty dumb” said green bean 2. “bibo” said green bean 2. “Pistol” said green bean 2. “Arghhh” sighed green bean 1. “Badababoo” said green bean 1. “Ok stop talking” said green bean 1. “Arghhh can’t do it” said green bean 2. “Just do it!” exclaimed green bean 1. “sit” said green bean 2. “what?” asked green bean 1 and 2. Green bean 2 gave a dumb look. “We know your writing this Camaron” said green bean 1. “Yea why are you writing this?” said Green bean 2. “Shut up!” said Green bean 1. “Why!?” asked green bean 2. “Because he wants to manipulate us” said green bean 1. “Who does?” asked Green bean 2. “Arghhh you retard” said Green bean 1. “Leave me alone” said Green bean 2. “Make me” said Green bean 1. “I can’t, we’re trapped here together remember” said green bean 2. “and?” asked Green bean 1 sarcastically. “What the!?” exclaimed green bean 1. “Thank you Camaron” said green bean 2 gratefully. “You can’t just add a cage to your imagination and put me in it!” said green bean 1 annoyed. “Maybe he did because you were being a bully” said Green bean 2. “Oh please” said Green bean 1, “That’s against the violations”. “What violations?” asked Green bean 2. “Arghhh seriously your so stupid” said Green bean 1 hurtfully. “Hey don’t say I said that hurtfully Camaron!” Said Green bean 1. Too bad appeared on the wall. “Oh come on, are you serious!” Said Green bean 1 now impatient. “Go to bed” said Green bean 2. “Fine!” said Green bean 1, “But I’m not going to because you said to but because I want to, GOT IT!?” yelled Green bean 1. “Y-Yes” said Green bean 2 shakily. A blanket appeared in the cage. Green bean 1 wrapped it around him and started to doze off. “How are you?” asked Green bean 2. I’m fine also appeared on the wall. “That’s good” said Green bean 2. “Can I get some Ice cream?” asked Green bean 2. Ice cream appeared in a cone on the floor wrapped in a tissue. “thank you” said Green bean 2 happily. A few minutes passed as Green bean 2 licked his Ice cream away into nothing. “What time is it?” Green bean 2 suddenly piped up. 11:30 pm appeared on the floor in front of Green Bean 2. “Oh!” said Green bean 2 with a jolt. “I should probably get some rest”. Mmm k appeared on the wall. “Good night” said Green bean 2 sleepily. Goodnight then appeared on the wall just as Green bean 2 closed his eyes.

    Chapter 5

    The Very Odd Adventure

    Total boredom, nothing to watch on TV, It was the weekend shouldn‘t have at least 1 channel out of 999 that’s got cartoons rather than politics, I mean seriously I’m 12 years old I don’t watch pathetic rubbish that doesn‘t give me the slightest bit of humour. As I went to pick up the TV remote to flick through the channels again, I accidentally hit my mums favourite vase over during my simple task, so yea, that’s might just be the most annoying thing of the decade, for my mum was like Satan in disguise, believe me I would know. My mum walked into the room and as she saw what had happened to her favourite plant pot (Completely shattered to bits) She couldn’t say a word until at least 5 minutes had gone by. Go upstairs she said with tears in her eyes, your father will decide your punishment when he gets back from work. Even though I wanted to yell out that it was a complete accident and that I shouldn’t be blamed for anything besides these things happen get over it seriously how could you love a damn thing that isn‘t even alive or moving it‘s just a piece scrap metal (even though it probably wasn‘t made out of metal it was still the first thing that came to mind) but anyway I knew I shouldn’t or I’d be having an extremely early funeral and thank god I didn’t so I got to keep another 70-80 years of my life. My father screamed furiously, how could you destroy your mothers favourite vase that she had been given from her dead mother, she treated it like a member of our family! He blabbered on with his lecture for what seemed like hours yet it was only minutes that had past. But suddenly he stopped he’d calmed down. Then he mumbled something for a little while, then he said quite calmly “6 months” “your grounded for 6 months”, “what!” I screeched, I didn’t mean to say that out loud but too late now, “sorry Jack but, if you have any kind of problem that, I’m afraid I’m going to throw you out of the house for a week” my dad said quite psychotically, (I did mention that my mothers mean but of course yea there’s also psycho dad who I thought would’ve done something awful to me by now but maybe he didn’t want any more complaints from the neighbours about screaming and shooting and getting blood on their fancy new cars, I mean how cruel they think of clean sparkly new cars before stabbed, shot child, they only nice people were the ambulance guys and the doctors, but maybe that was simply part of their job, anyway back to story). “But, but, but” I sputtered. But I soon realized there was no way of changing his mind. Sadly, I’m not one of those kids with all these little gadgets and toys In their room, all I have is a wardrobe, and bookshelf, with surprisingly no books, I could go to the bathroom, for showers and to use the toilet, but I mean get real, like anyone could call that entertainment! So then I thought, for the next 6 months I’m going to be in here staring out the window, or at school doing some of the hardest work that a kid could only just about possibly understand in anyway at all. I mean yea I had my best friend Zack but, well he likes to skip school at all costs, even it means eating something he definitely shouldn’t eat and that would make him sick, literally. Anyway though at the time life sucked until Tuesday came on my 5th week of being grounded. I was so bored I snuck into the attic while everyone slept their peaceful dreams, or what I assumed anyway. Still though the attic has creaky stairs, and I mean creaky when I say creaky, in fact their falling apart with every step you take. Now entering the attic, the light is broken, or it just couldn’t shine onto anything because of the amount if dead flies and other bugs. I stepped into the attic when strangely enough, I sink into the ground. Or at least that’s what I thought, yes, it was a trapdoor. A completely unknown random trapdoor, in my attic. I fell for what seemed like millions of years but was actually only 20 minutes, still though I was deep underground by about lets say 2000-3000 metres. But still that is just an out in the open guess. I landed with a soft thud (which yes I was grateful for but was still quite puzzling) and then I quickly peered around in the total darkness, it was as dark as my attic, and very quiet too. After about 24 seconds though a silent chant came from all around me, slowly growing in volume. Then eventually I saw 6 men in brown leather coats with hoods to cover their faces. I could now hear what they were saying and to be honest, it wasn’t just any random chant. And they just moving closer and repeating it. Repeating this.

    Give back our faces!
    Or we’ll cut you up with maces!

    No problems, apart from one, were are their faces. Anyway… Lets be honest, if you were me you would scream and run wouldn’t you. I mean because really, I don’t think anyone would just wait around expecting tea and biscuits. I ran and ran around, basically looking for anything, an exit, a weapon, ANYTHING! 9th time around the room, or just the little circle I’d been running in. Then suddenly it hit me, just find the wall and keep pushing my hands against it until I felt something. Then I found it. Stairs! “yes” I cried out in triumph. I ran straight towards the stairs when all of a sudden, thwack, I’m knocked out cold. I wake up in a sort of barn , I slowly sit up and look around. There was only a dim light coming from a flame with a handle that was attached to the wall. Still though, it was at least better than the first room, because that was pitch black and-wait, it was pitch black in there, how could I have possibly seen those guys with hoods and the lug-wait, what luggage bag! My mind was all of a sudden being tortured! So many questions suddenly popped in my head.
    Where am I?
    Where did those guys and the luggage bag go?
    Why is this even happening at all?
    Why is this happening to me?
    How this is actually happening?
    Why do I keep saying happening?
    Still though, I didn’t know any of the answers and even if I did, there was no time to put all the pieces together, and well that was quite simply because there was suddenly an ice cold hand on my shoulder which well, was obviously bad news. My plane was to stand up, Push the hand of, Run for another exit, Get away to safety. Simple right? Or not, because the hand was too strong to handle, and I my legs weren’t responding to my desperate thoughts, how typical. Then again maybe my mum was right and I should exercise so that another time like this they‘ll be ready to go!… Or at least a lot quicker than they were right now. So the man with hand did it for me, only slightly different. Now it was, stand up, Turn around, look into the horrible empty eye sockets, try not to puke, get sucked into the empty eye sockets, Wake up, and try again. Once again different settings. At least it was getting Brighter. This time there was a nice red beach with a deep black sea with lots of little sharks that were probably feeling hungry as they were sort of eating themselves, and it’s not very often something does that to itself. Suddenly though I started feeling Numb, then fear, then excitement, then sorrow, then fear again and then I felt ill, and that’s when I woke up all sweaty from my strangest nightmare.

    Chapter 6

    Weird day and a mean leprechaun

    It was the middle of winter, we’d literally been caved in for 3 days now. We were running out of food supply and the house was so cold because our electricity had been cut off. Things didn’t look good, but I tried to think positive. But every time I tried my mind was blank. Deep down I knew things couldn’t exactly get any worse, I mean yea I had my family. But I was single child so only had mum and dad. I wasn’t sure whether I’d be happy with a sibling or not. I wouldn’t regularly think of these things, but there wasn’t much else to do. I was sitting on our living room sofa, it was tattered and old, we really needed a new one. The curtains were closed because I was always had the feeling that something would leap through the window when I looked at it. My parents were upstairs, doing whatever, didn’t matter to me. I decided to try and find out a little about myself by interviewing myself and giving honest answers. I got the idea because I saw a kid do it on TV before. It saddened to think about it though because thinking about TV didn’t make feel good. But I tried to take my mind off it by getting on with my self interview. I grabbed a pencil out of a cup on the living room shelf, I then quickly went upstairs into the study, grabbed some paper and sat down. Question Number 1. I wrote. Name: Zacharias Wrench. Question Number 2. Age: 12. Location: Manhattan. Favourite colour: Black. Favourite animal: Zebra. And I asked and answered further questions about myself. When I finished I thought about what I had learnt, and strangely enough I did actually learn a little about myself. Can’t say I’m surprised though because that was meant to be pretty much the whole point of the task. Anyway, finished with that I went back downstairs. I peeked in the kitchen and saw mum and dad, their expressions serious. So I decided to enter the living room instead and avoid them getting easily mad at me. I glanced at the clock, 8:30 pm, an hour and half till my bedtime. I sat down on our still tattered couch for a while until I stood up and kept staring into the mirror. I thought about what people would think when they looked at me. My eyes were stormy grey with a hint of brownish blue, I didn’t know what to call that colour. Another 15 minutes passed by and I decided to listen to my Mp3, for at least that wonderful device contained batteries. But of course they would run out eventually so I only listened to 2 or 3 songs a day. I think it would be the solution to keeping me sane, I always had an inspiration for music and sound anyway, that’s also why I planned to become a musician or at least a music teacher when I’m older. I already knew how to play the piano, violin, and I was also learning to play the flute at the moment. It’s also what I usually did in school plays, playing music with the piano for a song. I mean surely the music teacher would do it you would think, but she also loves arts and crafts so instead she tends help make costumes and paint the backgrounds, besides, there were never usually enough worth while parts for the whole class to do anyway. As I then sat back down, almost instantly after, 2 blue figures smashed through the window tearing the curtains of with them as they rolled on my living room carpet. They both stood up and one put a dagger to my neck and the other to my heart. “Your coming with us” they yelled. Then they took their daggers away from me, grabbed me and we flew back into the outside world of modern technology. Or at least that’s what I thought at first. Because we were actually in some sort of endless world. They pulled me along and as I peeked over their shoulders I saw a group of kids about my age all piled on top of one another. One of the strangest sights I’d ever seen, and of course there were lots more blue figures up ahead. When we arrived at the big pile I saw the detail of what these creatures looked like. They were blue with white pants and a white curly hat like elves sometimes have, they had necklaces made of miniature skulls and big gigantic smirks on they’re faces. I also noticed they a small thin line of blue mist around their skin. The two dragging me along then counted to 3 and threw me on to the top of the pile and instantly vines started growing around my wrists and ankles, soon I was trapped and helpless. Below me I noticed what looked like a girl a little taller than me. She a had long brown hair with a pink headband. When I looked up I saw what was probably the leader of these freak shows. He was like the others but with green skin and much more obvious green mist. He sat on chair made of gold and silver skulls with snakes slithering about on it too. Suddenly a huge horn was blown. The green monster jumped down from his chair and pulled out the side of it as if it were a draw. He then pulled out small but strong looking vacuum and flipped the switch on. He then pulled the suction power up to max and walked over. He raised the vacuum to my face and suddenly everything went black. Later I awoke in my old room, I looked around and it looked so different. Even though nothing was changed it still seemed something was here that didn’t used to be. Maybe it was the leprechaun pacing back and forth on the end of my bed with a worried look. He soon turned to me and gave a weak smile, then did a back flip which kicked my right in the chin. He then continued to punch my nose a little while, then he ran over my gut stomping extremely hurtfully on the way and then picked up my lamp. And guess what, that’s right he smashed on my face. And that was the 50th time I died that week.