• Blue Team- Day 12 ((Willow, Explode, Leland, Alex Snow))

    *Willowand Leland are by the fire.*

    *Explode is by the shore and Snow comes with water.*

    Snow: (camera) This sucks that we have to go to tribal council. Wishing we weren't going, nervous as hell. Could be ANYone. =[

    *Alex comes and Leland gets up.*

    Leland: Just wanna say I'm sorry for losing the challenge everyone.

    Snow: o:

    Alex: Don't be sorry Leland :[

    Leland: =/

    Alex: (camera) Lelend shouldnt apologize, it couldve been any one of us up there. He shouldnt take the blame, no need to.

    *Explode comes back.*

    Explode: Is everyone ok?

    Leland: Yeepp...just dont feel like going to tribal. =/

    Explode: Same D:

    Explode: (camera) I dont know who to vote for, and i'm sure I'm not the only one. =/ Don't know what to do now....

    *Clip of them all walking with their torches.*

    Explode: We're just gonna have to see what tonight brings us....



    *Nighttime. Camera zooms into Willow, Alex, Leland, Snow and Explode walking to tribal council with their lit torches.*

    *Clip of 2 scorpions on a rock, crawling near tribal.*

    *A snake slithers alongside the path.*

    *Torches are lit to light the pathway.*

    *They all walk under the arch and up the stairs.*

    *They walk into tribal and see Yummi standing there.*

    *They all put their torches in the slot and sit down.*

    Yummi: Welcome back Blue Team! :3

    Yummi: Explode, with 12 days into the game, with little food, little water, little sleep, how is it?

    Explode: Um...a living hell XD

    Everyone: XD

    Explode: I mean, of course it's hard, I miss my bed! Haha.

    Yummi: Lol XD Willow, we recently found out that you and Leland are related. Do you think that put a target on you or Leland's back?

    Willow: Ummm yeah, because they might think we could be the "dynamic duo" but there's nothing like THAT happening.

    *Clip of Leland.*

    Yummi: Alex, you guys were ONE point away from immunity. Do you think that Leland should take the blame?

    Alex: Nope. I mean he couldve easily ate it, he stomached the other one, it's just that Roger, from the other team literally in haled that nasty fish...so no.

    Yummi: Leland, on a scale from 1 to 10...how safe to you feel?

    Leland: Umm..1...I think everyone should feel a 1 because it could be ANYONE. =/

    Yummi: Ok, it's time to vote!