On The Green Team, Kiah was feeling really weak.

    And had her team even more worried.

    Which definatley put a target on her if they were to lose.

    On The Blue Team, everything seemed to be going okay, despite the fact that Willow and Leland were related.

    At the challenge, it was CLOSE, but the Green Team made a come back and won!

    ((Challenge Scene))

    Statik: Green Team! Wins immunity! =D


    At the Blue Team, people were looking toward Leland, cause of his fail at the challenge.

    But at tribal council, Explode made the announcment that he wated to quit.

    Which left his team speechless..

    Yummi: Explode, for your wishes...

    *He snuffs out Explode's torch.*

    Yummi: Go home v.v

    Now that each team has 4 members each, who knows what'll happen?

    8 are left...who will be voted off...NEXT!?!

    Blue Team:




    The Beautiful DDS



    Green Team:




    Gerald Roy




    Blue Team - Day 13 ((Willow, Leland, Alex, Snow))

    *Willow is washing her face in the beach.*

    Willow: (camera) Last night was...wow, words can't describe. Explode quit. So i don't know what's gonna happen...

    *Alex and Leland just got out of the shelter. They see Snow making rice in the pot.*

    Snow: You guys hungry? :3

    Leland: Yush 8D

    Alex: (camera) I know it could've been ANYONE last night...but i think we kind of needed Explode. Oh well. It's down to 8 in this game...what to do..

    *Willow comes back.*

    Alex: You ready to eaatt? o:

    Willow: Yeessss

    Snow: (camera) I think with Explode quitting, it was sort of a good AND bad thing. Cause 1, it couldve been me or anyone else...so we got spared D; but 2....it increases our chances of being voted off next D:

    *Clip of everyone.*


    Green Team - Day 13 ((Ririsu, Kiah, Lucky, Roger))

    *Lucky is slicing a coconut with a machete. Ririsu is watching.*

    Ririsu: Ugh i can't wait to have some dessert when this game is done XDD

    Lucky: Lol rightt? o:

    *Kiah and Roger come back with a fish.*

    Ririsu: yaay! 8D

    Roger: We has food! >:3

    Kiah: XD

    Lucky: (camera) I think we've been doing REALLYY good. Our shelter is nice, we've been eating okay...so...yeah. ;]

    *Kiah is walking through the woods.*

    *She goes and checks treemail. She reads it.*

    Kiah: =OO!!

    *She then runs back to her team.*

    Kiah: GUYYSS! GUYSS! Guys, guys, guys, guyss!!! =OO!!

    Roger: Wha, what, what happened?

    Ririsu: I'm scared ;-;

    Lucky: o:

    Kiah: (camera) As soon as I read treemail, i IMMEDIATLEY had to run and tell the team.*

    Lucky: Do we have a challenge? o:

    Kiah: Nuuuu listen, listen!


    Blue Team - Day 13

    *Snow got the same treemail as the Green Team and she is ready to read it in front of her team.*

    Snow: (reading treemail) Congrats for completing 1/3 of the game! Now to make things interesting, you have 5 minutes to grab your belongings and follow this map.

    Leland: o__o

    Alex: Let's gooo!! Dx

    Willow: eeep o.e;

    Willow: (camera) We're just thinking...what's gonna happen? Whats with the message? And where are we going?? Dx

    Leland: Make sure you grab your shoess! D:

    Alex: =o

    Leland: (camera) This mail can mean ANYTHING. The suspense is killing meeee T_____T


    Green Team - Day 13

    *Everyone is gathering stuff.*

    Roger: (camera) Now we're just wondering what the hell is gonna happen??

    Ririsu: Does everyone have everything? =O!

    Luckyy: Yush! Lets go!

    *They all start walking, with Roger looking at the map.*

    Kiah: I hope we know where were going o:

    Roger: We do!

    Kiah: (camera) What's gonna happen? I have NO idea...but we can't WAIT to find out!


    *There's an open space near the water. The Green and Blue team are walking towards the same place. They see each other.*

    Roger: What is thiiss? o:

    Ririsu: Whats going on? =o

    Leland: Why is the green team here? o.e;

    *They are all walking towards a crate.*

    *There's a bag on the crate.*

    Lucky: This is awkward... >0>

    *They are all around the crate and Snow picks up the bag.*

    Snow: (Reading the letter thats on it.) Congrats! Inside this bag is a new buff and a new color. Two teams become ONE, we are merging =O

    Ririsu: =O!!

    *Snow takes out the buffs.*

    Kiah: WHoo! =D

    Leland: Yaayy 8D

    *They all take a buff and they all hug each other.*

    Ririsu: Hai everyone! I'm Ririsu! =D

    Alex: Hii n.n

    Willow: I'm Willow! :3

    Lucky: Aye! 8D

    Ririsu: (camera) Well out new merge team color is black, and it's every person for themselves now. This should get veeeerrrryyy interesting >>;

    *Clip of Kiah hugging Leland.*

    *Clip of Snow hugging Roger.*

    Snow: ;D

    Roger: (camera) Now that it's every person for themselves...this can get very very interesting....

    *Clip of everyone*


    End of part 1 of 3!