• Darkness. At first, that's all there was, all I could see, all I could feel, and all that I knew. Then came a sound, it was faint, but there nontheless. The sound came again, soft and long, again and again. With each repetition of the sound, with it cam a sensation; Some part of me was moving. After grappling with bouts of confusion, I came to a realization: the sound was that of my breathing, and the sensation was simply the feel of air in my lungs. I gasped. Where am I!? My eyes were open, I could feel that, but nothing came to them but complete, utter darkness.
    I bolted upright -or at least I made an honest attempt- but was met with another forgotten sensation, this one far less pleasant: pain. Reeling and left once again flat on my back, I had struck my head against something, unfortunately something hard. When at long last, the pain had boiled down to a simple, albeit still quite painful throbbing, I slowly squirmed about to get a literal feel of my surroundings.
    After a few moments of rather limited movement, I discerned that wherever I was, was dark, cramped, and sturdy. Oddly enough, the first thought that shot into my mind was a coffin, but that was ridiculous, I wasn't dead! I was still moving and breathing! Quick as a flash, panic set in; I was trapped in total darkness and could not for the life of me even begin to remember how I had gotten there. Has somebody kidnapped me? I need to get out of here, wherever that may be.