• ~Noah~

    I stood and watched as Seth carried Tory bride style up the stairs into the building, probably seeking medical attention for her. Bleeding and exhausted so much that she had fainted at the sight of Jamie, from my point of view anyway.
    Jamie hadn’t helped, stupid a** had pressured her into talking and that drained the last of her energy. He should have listened to Seth when he first warned him.
    “Sir?” a voice said from behind me.
    I turned to see a small man standing there. “Yeah?”
    “We need you to come see this,” his voice sounding grim.
    I felt nothing, the thing he most probably wanted to show me was another dead body, and it really didn’t bother me. The part that bothered me was where I’d have to tell the families that their children, husband, wife, mother, father and/or siblings were dead.
    I followed the guy to a white pile of flesh and already drying bloody, a full black uniform was on the dead person. My jaw set, ready for the sight of seeing one of my own. We stopped at the body; my guy crouched and pulled him over roughly. I almost pushed him away until I saw that it was a burnt NightDust man lying there.
    My eyes got caught at his throat, ripped out and shredded to pieces, there were burns around his throat, chest and head. The last wound, a smaller one, was a dagger cut in his chest which was singed as well.
    My shock couldn’t stay off my face, it looked like some animal had mauled his throat out and then he had been lit on fire.
    I looked at my guy. “What the hell happened here?”
    “I don’t know but I can guess who does,” he said looking off into the distance. Directly at the building.
    I knew, even before I turned to look, who he was talking about. Tory. My eyes narrowed at him as he continued to stare, a protective instinct pooled in my gut.
    “Why ask her?” I growled as I took a step sideways to block his view.
    He looked at me this time. “Because something isn’t right about her and she was the last seen with this guy.”
    He was right about both things. Last time I took a glance at her, she was with this guy but he was more intact and less…charred. Also something wasn’t right about her, her energy felt too different. Too… powerful. She had to be an off the charts force field because nothing else explained it. Unless she was a double talent.
    My eyes hardened and flashed with psychic energy. “Leave it to me.” It was an order.
    The guys eyes widened as his head bobbed up and down in a nod. Scared of my energy.
    I was going to get to the bottom of this, starting now. I thought as I turned sharply and headed to the building.

    I could hear the sounds of people talking loudly, arguing, around me, I wanted to tell them to ‘shut up’ and fall back to sleep again. I mentally groaned as I tried to move, it hurt to move my arms or anything for that matter. I had to put up with the noise.
    “…Just shut up already.” That sounded like Gabby.
    “Look, you have no reason to be here, so just leave.” Now that was Jamie in his, sometimes annoying, English voice.
    “She’s my friend, I have more right than you have!” she snapped back, if I could see her, she’d have her hands on her hips.
    “She is my sister, I have the biggest right here!” he growled at her, and if I could see Jamie, he’d have his arms crossed.
    “Shut up you guys, you’re giving me a headache,” Noah said quietly.
    “I agree, both of you shut up,” Seth mentioned just as quietly as Noah. They sounded quiet, as in the quiet where they were far away from me.
    “You can’t talk Seth, it was your fault. You could have mentioned something,” Jamie growled again. Angry boy, he was never this angry when I was around.
    “Listen, did you not hear what Tory said? I agree with her,” Seth said in his ever controlled voice.
    Jamie growled like and animal, that as his answer.
    “Jamie, stop being a drama queen, so over dramatic,” Noah jokily said.
    “Don’t say a word Noah, this is as much your fault as it is Seth’s, ‘cept it goes way back to when we were-,” I cut Jamie off.
    “Shut up Jamie,” I choked out my dry throat. Then groaned as I opened my eyes.
    “Hey girl, welcome back to hell,” Gabby said cheerily as she came to my side on the bed.
    Jamie scowled her. “This isn’t hell, hell is what happened outside.”
    Gab rolled her eyes. “Yeah, I know that but the way you three are carrying on, it is hell.”
    “Three!” they all said at once.
    I winced. “Shut. Up. Do I have to tell you again? Or do you want to be thrown out?”
    I put my hands down on the bed and pushed up, I wasn’t in my room and I also wasn’t in an infirmary. My eyes widened as I realised where I was. I was in Noah’s room…again.
    I looked around at the people in the room; Seth leaning against the wall next to the door, Noah was sitting on the couch that was against the wall near the door, Gabby sitting on the bedside and Jamie standing next to her with crossed arms.
    “What?” I asked him innocently.
    “You know what Tor,” he answered with his new stoic tone.
    “No, I don’t. You’re just mad with no reason and its projecting onto everyone else,” I snapped back.
    “I’m angry because you didn’t tell me where you were Tor,” he said through gritted teeth then mumbled quieter, “Or that you were even alive.”
    “You’re not my ******** guardian Jamie,” I said back in the same way.
    “Hey guys, come-” Noah started.
    “Shut up Noah!” we both yelled at him, I somehow found the strength to yell at him.